Hello. I'm new guy here


I just wanna ask a question. I just got my stick 7 days ago. so I just wonder between square gate and GT-Y Octagonal gate, which one would help me perform my combo better?:wonder:


All depends on you. I used an Octogonal gate up until two days ago, and since switching to a square gate my MvC3 game improved a hundred times. I find diagonals a lot easier to get right every time with a square gate.


preference its all preference to each there own Thats just a open end question that no one can answer you try both


It’s preference. I’d try both. Gates are cheap, so try em’ out and figure out which one best suits your style!

Here, for reference are some options you can try:

[]GT-C Round Restrictor Gate
]Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Gate
By default, you should have a square gate. So there you go, compare and contrast!


thank you guys.


slagcoin is your best friend

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i will go with toodless circle gate


i know this is sad, but without a square gate i miss down right block 1/3 of the time…i think it’s because i hold my stick at an angle…but ya, try both gates out see what you like…
i have an octogate for every asian joystick i own (jfl, LS-32, LS-40, LS-56) and I’ve had to switch back to the default “config” because it’s better for me.


Ha! That’s pretty much my experience. Same set of sticks too.