Hello! I'm new here... Here's my mock of Cowboy Bebop The Movie DVD Criterion I made:


Greetings fellow artists!!!.. I’m new to your glorious forum, and I wanna post my PhotoShop creation of a fake Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door Criterion DVD cover… Please rate nicely as I’m new to your boards…

Oh, and Zamuel: I’m really busy but I’m still working on the character designs… I’m trying to apply at British Columbia Institute Of Technology (BCIT) for a graphics course… If I get lucky cross fingers!!!..


I like it, its very solid and cool.

I don’t think that will ever happen though, ever…


LIES! you’ve been posting in the sketch and ms paint thread!

nice design.


It was meant to be a joke… hint-hint Or maybe you did get it?!?.. Oh, well…


Post it on an anime forum, and watch the posts start rolling in :smiley:


oh that was a joke…:lol: sorry im a little slow

cool dvd cover thing, i like urs better than the real dvd cover, great job like always, u know im alwasy a big fan of ur work seba


Oh, thanx… I never had a fan before… Hehe… Well here’s an unfinished art in token of my appreciation!.. :slight_smile:

I just don’t feel like finishing it…


Whoops!.. I forgot to attach the damn thing!!!.. :o

EDIT: And I just realized I accidentally wiped off Sakura’s head… Meh…


:smiley: nice!! i love group pics, yay!!! ibuki is in the pic!!! cant wait to see the finished work :cool:

makes me wanna color ur work again :stuck_out_tongue:


I was about to say. You didn’t feel like finishing your post by putting the pic in either?

nice sketch, playboi.

btw why do you have a pic of ben afleck in your av? thats pretty gay foo.


seba_boi <---- movie fan… I always have the same AV in all four forums I post in: rottentomatoes (my main posting site), neo-geo, shoryuken, snk-capcom… And my movie of the month apparently is Armageddon:slight_smile: