Hello i'm new here, kara fukiage question

kara karakusa, kara hayate, kara SAI, kara throw i can do (2/5) but kara fukiage…i just can’t do it right. i’m trying to master the 100 stun combo.

now all i do is Karakusa >> HP xx SAII -> Dash -> (reverse)Fukiage…thats it!!!

yes, i’ve read the stickies. watch the 100 stun videos. the problem is… i cant see makoto while kara-ing the fukiage animation- so i basicaly didn’t know whats its looks like lol.:looney:

kara fukiage: DP motion HK~MP

my question is the HK neutral or F+HK (fake)? sorry for stupid question…

As soon Makoto ends the dash, you must input the Kara Mp Fukiage, you’ll notice about getting the Kara Mp Fukiage when the screen moves a bit more.

so is it like dp motion the hk hp?like a kara throw or hk dp+mp?

This has to be in the 100% stun thread, I have a hard time believing it’s not. It’s :r: :d: :df: (neutral a.k.a. let go of the stick ) :hk:~:mp: i.e. really fast

ok thanks, i can do it now, i thought u had to do whole input after kick

just do waht i did go to training room. stand next to the bad guy then do the kara fukiage over and over again till you reach the wall then go to his otherside adn do it again i did the same with kara karakusa’s you can even do a kara hayate if you feel you need a little more range with less block recovery. you know whatever. just keep practicing i can do the first uppercut the second one still gives me trouble ^^

damn, i should of thought of that:arazz:

very good idea

Can you explain that ?? O__o. I often usse the Lk Kara Ex Hayate (lol) to get more range to ‘travel’ to the other side… but i didn’t notice nothing about ‘less block recovery’. :S

i meant the block recovery for lk kara lp.hayate c.c; because the lp hayate unless i’m wrong and crazy has less block recovery frames than the medium and/or fierce i’ll check again to make sure my info is correct =D

MY GOD, I FINALLY DID IT!! AT LAST- IT DOES MOVE BACKWARDS A BIT!! I’m a Dpad player so its kindda hard to make sure the neutral-pos. before hitting HK~MP. (pheww).

it still a long way to go for 100% stun i think. i just did it once per five tries now. but after months of research elsewhere this is one giant leap for me. OMEGA THANK YOU BEAM FOR YOU GUYS!!!

sorry- i already searched the forum but cant find the 100% stun thread. but thanks for the neutral position confirmation.

I will definitely do that!

beam?? c.c; i think most kara’s are easier on a pad, honostly i think everything is easier on a pad, but i still play on a stick you should get one too. it helped me with my game hella ^^

If you havnt found it yet b0y0b, heres the 100% stun thread.


Perhaps it needs a bump, someone asked for it before too.

a couple of paractice mode has solved that problem. the hardest part for me is finding the right ‘mindset’ for getting use to pull off kara-fukiage cuz all this time im just an old scruby fg player that barely knew SF3S at high level match. so i never get used to pull off things w/ skill like that-

but now i can pull it off (4~5/5) :woot: individually. but still (2/5) in the 100% :razzy:.

wow so many great info! that thread should get stickied!!

  1. Karakusa >> HP xx SAII -> Dash -> Kara-MP Fukiage -> Dash -> LP Fukiage

Quick question: I pulled that from the Makoto sticky.

My understanding of this is that the Kara-MP Fukiage after the first dash brings you a bit back so then the 2nd dash will bring you in position for a regular lp fukiage to connect?

In training mode, I’m doing the HK-kara mp fukiage and you can visibly see her shift back a bit. Are my assumptions correct?

should, just try it a few times without the kara then a few times with and you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Man, I’m still trying this but I cannot get it…

I just don’t know how to Kara-MP Fukiage…

So, after she does her Fukiage in the Abare Tosanami, I dash cancel out of it and Don’t do a normal Fukiage?

I was always under the assumption that the Kara-Fukiage was the LAST Fukiage you do, not the first…

And I thought you did everything Kara in terms of Makoto with her Low Kick. What’s this I hear about pressing Hard Kick And Medium Punch Simultaneously?

And what’s this Neutral position for? I’m completly losttttt …haha.

LK = Light Kick. That’s what you use to go forward a ton. you HK kara the first MP Fukiage so that when you dash back in the opposite direction after it you’ll be close enough for the LP Fukiage to hit. The reason why you go to neutral is because you want to kara the Neutral Standing HK and not the C.HK even F+HK. and f,d,df,n hk~mp means hk and mp in quick succession, not simultaneously.


Zen, you switched around the hk~mp at the end of ur post =0. I just dont want him to be confused more. hk than mp in quick succession. Yea you do the kara fukiage first for the basic 100% stun.

lol, my bad. Changed it.

i can do almost everything with makoto, this is the only thing im not understanding how to do. whenever i do the 2nd dash after the MP fukiage im always late hitting them. whats the cancel on the mp fukiage im a bit confused, or im just dumb and not comprehending the instructions