Hello, I'm new to Street Fighter

I’ve always played Tekken because all of my brothers did. Now that I’m older, I started getting really into fighting games. I’ve been playing a lot of injustice, but I decided to buy SSF4 AE and give it a try, because ive always been fascinated with Chun Li.
The point of this topic is to ask for some beginner tips with her or just general things I should know. I dont know any of the terms for this game, but I’ll look them up, so don’t worry about confusing me.
One last thing, if someones open to help me out with some tips in game, that be awesome. Im on PS3, my PSN is dim3r3553
Thanks in advance.

Sorry, wrong section. This forum is very confusing on an old ipod.

Nevermind, I think I fixed it.
I put it in the UMvC3 section the first time.

Welcome :woot:

Be sure to read the pinned (announcement) threads in this section. The first page of these threads should help you get started. Some of the info may be old/outdated though, so don’t hesistate to ask or say if a certain thread or section didn’t help you.

If you need to ask basic questions about the game such as moves, terminology, characters etc feel free to ask here. There is also the newbie section:


Hey man, I was just about to redirect you to this page from the Street Fighter Forum when I saw you already found it. I’m on PSN, too, as DahcDerron. I’m not the greatest player in the world, but I can give you some decent matchups with Balrog if you want to add me.

Hey there Ricky, I’m quite new to the SF4 scene myself I like have been playing Injustice for good while and am an MK vet, I’m on PSN as well if your looking for someone to practice with. PSN: The-Spore666