Hello, I'm new to Street Fighter.

I’ve always played Tekken because all of my brothers did. Now that I’m older, I started getting really into fighting games. I’ve been playing a lot of injustice, but I decided to buy SSF4 AE and give it a try, because ive always been fascinated with Chun Li.
The point of this topic is to ask for some beginner tips with her or just general things I should know. I dont know any of the terms for this game, but I’ll look them up, so don’t worry about confusing me.
One last thing, if someones open to help me out with some tips in game, that be awesome. Im on PS3, my PSN is dim3r3553
Thanks in advance.

the main thing that helped me when when i started was my friend’s advice, worded this way: “Walk good. Jump bad.”

I’ve always been fascinated with T Hawk but you don’t see me making a thread about it.
Thanks in advance.

Douchebag ^

you’ve always been fascinated by Chun but you picked SF4?? you are in for a world of misery.

On youtube there is this channel called VesperArcade where they have a tutorial on SF4. You can learn alot of things from there. It helped me out when I first started. I’m on PSN also. If you want you can add HideousStrength.

Welcome to street fighter ^^ I hope you hvae some fun, this game may be quite hard. But it is really fun to improve. My best beginner tips would be, to have some sort o gameplan. What you want to do.

Good luck, feel free to ask, if there is anything you are wondering about.

This game’s actually pretty easy and is really noob friendly compared to most other fighting games, and is DEFINITLEY the go to choice for beginners. Obviously it gets harder at higher levels but what game doesn’t? Maybe its cause my first real fighting game besides melee was 3rd strike in January 2012, that’s why I feel like this game is easy mode i don’t know. You can literally combo off light jump in attack and hit them on top of the head and still follow it up… Anyways, Youtube has plenty of tutorials.


  1. Dont be so obvious with your jump ins. Most players online suck and are VERY impatient, so always be ready to anti air them when they jump. Walk good jump bad in cave mans words. Lol

  2. Don’t let them push you around they should be the one blocking not you. In other words, stay agressive and stand your ground.

  3. I’m assuming your playing a shoto like Ryu, ken, akuma, oni, dan, and evil ryu. If so, don’t resort to shoryuken so much you’ll just eat a bunch of combos… beginner shoto players have that horrible habit. (0-1500pp players usually)I think shoryuken fadc is so lame… literally no risk at all and huge reward… and the fact that you can mash it cause of this games autoblock system is so lame… oh wait I’m rambling, disregard that. xD

    make sure you capitalize on every knockdown you get… IN OTHER WORDS don’t be afraid of getting shoryukend… I’ve seen it time and time again where certain players would knock me down but be so scared of eating Upkicked(using Yun) that they will just let me get up scotfree 3 time in a row then by the 4th time they try and I upkick them…xD this tip is huge as basic as it sounds… go for a cross up if you think a shoryuken is coming… but idk I think this games all about knowing when and when not to mix them up, remember that. But remember you should almost always be going in… trust me a lot of people won’t expect you to do something everytime on their wake up… But if your fighting an obvious shoryuken user just bait it out… Baiting is another huge thing… your either going to be baiting or going in… pick one… But I better not see you get a knockdown then just walk up and crouch next to them hoping for a shoryuken or reversal from them. But if you do that stand close enough were you can start pressure back up but not close enough where they can wake up throw you.

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