Hello Kitty Copter: Man's cat gets killed, makes HELICOPTER out of it (vid)


Yeah. Turned a dead cat into a radio controlled helicopter. LOL. pics and vid.




cat-copter. Annoying you even AFTER death.

All of a sudden, the flying penis copter doesn’t sound as disturbing. The hell is wrong with some people?





The guy on the right looks like he is thinking about adding a weapons system. Plenty of room on its back for a mini rocket.


Would be cool if it actually worked. In the vid it got like what? 3 inches off the ground?


Well, that just put the cat among the pigeons.


May Bastet use what’s left of his soul for a litterbox when he dies…ironically, in a helicopter crash.


This can scare birds shitless. Can birds die of heart attacks?


My memory sucks but I’m pretty sure this was the premise for a kids’ cartoon in the 90s.


I now have a use for your corpses when you no longer amuse me.



Cats deserve better.
Until now, thought I’d seen it all.
Not the case, it seems…
Tell me this isn’t real!


Prop dat dick up and ride, girl. Only way you gonna get it. :tdown: