Hello looking for psb advice for a ps4 stick mod involving touchpad


long story short i am looking for the best pcb to use that allows me to place the touchpad where i wish it upon the stick. ty in advance


That a very tall order for now, as the easier game pads to hack lacks a touch pad.

The Sony Dual Shock 4 for the PS4 is pad hackable and has a touch pad, but it’s ribbon cable is only so long. You could theoretically cut and spice the ribbon cable, but you might also watch out not to change the electrical impedance of that cable.

Also no one attempted to mount a touch pad to a case that didn’t already have one.
Fortunately fighting games that unitize the touch pad has non-touch pad work arounds in the game.

In short there no Guides or FAQs that exist yet that could help you, you are trailing in unfamiliar territory where even our expects rather not go into the hassle.


Not like I didn’t do such a thing two years ago.

I just replaced the ribbon with 30gauge wire. Pretty difficult to wire on the ds4 side. The easier method would just replace the ribbon with a longer one, buy you’ll need to make sure the pitch and number of traces are the same.