Hello, new here, need advice

yo. im not sure where exactly to post this but this seemed like the most relevant. i didnt see an intro forum so i just came here. plz dont get mad im new haha

anyways sup ppl. new player to these forums and the 2d fighter scene in general. however im not new to competitive gaming as i been playin tekken for about a year and a half and SSBM foir like 3. so basically im new to playin competitive 2d fighters in general.

 the thing is ive been tryin out different fighters for about 3 months now (ggxx, mvc1, cvs2) and i cant seem to get a good feel of one. im thinkin of buying a sf game or any other 2d fighting game but it seems like im too late to hop on the scene and i would just be known as a scrub forever if i started playing now. is this true? and could anyone possibly give a reccomendations for some good games that could help with my strats for 2d fighting games?

i appreciate any replys to this thread and answers to these questions or ill move it if i have to. thx fo your time


get super street fighter ii: turbo or street fighter alpha 2. you should get your mechanics down first. practice, practice, practice. it also helps if you can find someone else to play with you, so you’re not always playing against the computer.

as for strategies, well, SRK does have a strategy section. look it up.

Also you should check the matchmaking forum, there may be people in your area who play. As far as being too late to get into it, nah, there are people who are knew that are doing great things in old games so it’s never too late to start.

mmk i see ppl. thanks for the help so far

I thought intro forums are bannable?

start with sf2.
its as raw and stripped down as you can get.
but alot of the 2d fighters today, no matter how “different” thay seem, still got the basic mechanica found in sf2.

you can also start with SF3:3S.
just learn about frames and the other common lingo around here.
hit priorities, boxes, space control, you know…

Welcome. I agree with the other guy who mentioned Super Streetfighter II Turbo. Also, if you get a chance, check out Sirlin’s guide to the game, it’s a great tutorial that shows you how to control spacing, distance and many other aspects that will help to improve your game.

To MadWak… What consoles do you have?

currently i have ps3 amd gamecube.

Get the HD ST when it gets out.

ok i see. thanks ppl so far for the advice

I honestly feel like it isn’t necessary to play older games before you jump into a newer game.

If you really practice and make an effort to get better, you can get decent in a few months. Since you already have a PS3, I would pick up Street Fighter: Anniversary edition. That way you could practice both 3s and old school SF. You could also pick up cvs2, but if you want to learn mvc2, you’re going to have to pick up the Dreamcast port.

I started playin on CVS2, i felt like i had a taste of many other games playing that game, (sprites too lol)

New games got all the basics that the old games have. You just gotta force yourself to work on those before you move on to the, newer, fancier stuff.

I only recommend older games, because you can then appreciate the intriquisicies the new ones do. Plus standard zoning, poking, and cancels, are the basis of the old games, and can be applied to newer games. Newer games have the basics, plus some reversal, counters, and few different gameplay mechanics normally based on gauges, but the basics prevail.

I think older games give you more a sense that this can be learned, than throwing everything at you. Newer games also tend to be easer to button smash, which leads to bad gameplay. You can’t competitively button smash SFII, nor newer games, but I find newer games to be easer to spam.

Well, there is going to be a learning curve obviously- and it’s much steeper now then back in the day, due to the increased complexity of modern fighters. The initial learning curve to GG is much more then SF2 had. (Note I said initial learning curve- not skill required, going to newb to intermediate and intermediate to solid are two very different things)

ST is a good game to start with, as it has a lot of the advanced mental strats, without a ton of execution required. If you’re tourney-worthy at Tekken, you’ll have some of the basics down already- the hard part will be adjusting to projectiles. Both Tekken and 2d fighters (unsure about Smash) have strong yomi (or mind-reading) games- and it’s the one skill that best translates across the board. Being able to predict someone in one game means you can often predict them in others once you learn some basics.

You’ll be at a disadvantage for a while, but you can catch up and improve a lot faster then the old hands, so it will even out after a while. You just gotta keep at it, and be willing to experiment to find out what works for you. Learning from others is fine, but you gotta learn why they do it as much as to do it. Then you figure out how to counter it.

You should also know that all Capcom games have a similar engine. Basically if you have the basics down in one, you have the basics down in most. However, the GG series has a totally different style of gameplay, so you should stick to one.

I disagree with the “old games first” advice, but not entirely.

Generally, the most important rule is to play whatever is popular in your area. If you have no comp you won’t improve, and you’ll probably get bored easily.

3s, Marvel and Guilty Gear (with patches of CvS2) are the more widespread games right now, check the matchmaking forum for your area ( http://forums.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=21 I believe) to see what the scene is like and where people play. Also, see if any of your friends you play other games with prefer one thing over the other.

Me, I’d vote 3s. Tekken is basically 3s if it had infinite meters, you just hunt for juggles instead of links into Super.


ok i see guys. yeah I got cvs2 a few weeks ago im tryin to learn this game better. i have yet to find mvc2 on any system yet, same with street fighter anniversary. i never got why mvc2 of all games is so rare though. i played mvc1 on my dreamcast and really wanted to start playin mvc seriously but its very hard to find.

      also, i play mvc1 on kaileria and after gettin owned a few times i started to wonder what kind of contollers people play on, i got the ps2 to usb radioshack converter and am lookin for a stick to play with. although a stick seems very hard to get used to i think its worth the time. so im askin is there anyone who recently started on padand converted to a stick? and if so how long did it take to get used to?

The PS2 to USB controllers- if you get a good one, they work well. Some of them lag though. The one I had two years ago lagged badly. Since my 5th Saitek pad broke due to damn Gaira grabbing (Gaira is AIDS to pads), I’m going to bite the bullet, get one, hope it works, and try using my offline tourney stick (A $30 cheapo job I picked up at an anime con)

Honestly, I think if you start with pad, stick with pad if you can. I still execute better on a pad then a stick if I have a good pad (those Saturn pads are supposedly the best, but too expensive). I also use a cheapo stick, since I am cheapo. (I use one of those KOF2k1 memorial sticks- which has the plus of being very small)