Hello... New here. Need some help


Hello all. I just signed up and I need some help.

Okay, so I bought the 360 SE Fightstick, so I can never use my 360 TE stick when it finally comes in.

However, after reading about a lot of the problems here, I heard you can mod the controller.

Now my question is, can anyone tell me if I want Sanwa parts, what is the best Joystick from Sanwa to order, and buttons?

Where is a good place to order some buttons and joystick from?

Also, does it take rocket science to mod it, or can a first timer swap out parts with ease? If the answer is no, can someone direct me to a video that shows how to swap, or possibly a small walkthrough on this topic with pics? If no pics, that is fine, I will try and go off words alone.

Please help this controller noob get the business done, so I can get my game on, the way I am meant to.

Thanks for any help. I appreciate it.


There’s already a thread for everything you’re asking: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=175882