Hello Players!


My name is Mick I’m 22 and my favourite colour is orange. I like this game alot, and its the only game I’ve been playing for the past month or so. Since I find most other games boring now I think I’ll be playing this game almost exclusively. So I figured I may aswell come here and see if people want play.

I am looking for good players to practice with, I don’t care what character your main is. I’m in the UK and I play as Ken. Oh and I also have a painfully average Akuma that needs much improvement.

My gamertag is ‘Micktory’ same as my username. Lets do it.


Don’t reply all at once!


60+ views and no replies. Awesome.


Only a few regulars here live in the UK

You’ll likely have better luck seeking out a local community to play offline with. Or if you only want to play online, hop on GGPO and look for low pings so you can figure out who is close to you.

If you’ve only been playing for a month most people are probably not chomping at the bit to play a set with random new guy #34586. You specified you wanted to play against good players after all. I suspect that’s why you haven’t seen any responses yet. Play offline or on GGPO and make some friends!


No no no what I meant to say was that I haven’t played any other game for over a month. I’ve been playing this game on and off since it came to xbl. I’ve clocked about 7000 ranked matches so far. I’d be suprised if I hadn’t played alot of the people on here at some point.

Thanks for the advice though maybe I’ll check out the GGPO thing once my computer is running properly again. Unless there is a SF3 community in Manchester I’m probably out of luck for offline :frowning:


Geez I haven’t even played 7000 matches yet. You call that on and off?


C’maaan its been out a few years. Its always been game I come back to between games. But I’m not going next gen anytime soon so I plan to play this more.


I’ll play you if you don’t mind my scrubby Akuma.


Sounds good to me!


I’m guessing there’s at least a couple other players in your city. I’ve found 10 so far in Anchorage, AK, and our population is only 250,000. There may not be a legit organized community but if you start putting yourself out there and poking around the dark corners of the city I bet you can start one.


Who would have thought Alaska would have the densest 3rd Strike player population in Amerca?

You guys def need the cab.


I went to a place called Kyoto Lounge in Manchester a while back. It was a pretty cool place. But they only had the newer fighting games like SC:V SFIV SFxT and MVC3 etc. They had tournaments on but they were for league of legends. Seemed like there was no love for this game -_-


I will play on GGPO if your on there at any time, Deemo also pointed me to the 3S UK facebook page, alot of people on there.


Nice one. Yeah he sent me a message about that too. I’ll check that out a get on ggpo when I can use my computer again.


What’s all this? 3s players? Truly we are the gentlemen of this site.


Oh sorry Miktory. I’ll add you today


Well Mr Funland pretty much destroyed me with his Akuma. Anyone else up for some player matches?


That’s how funland gets you. He pretends to not be good. And very humble. And then he strikes.


For sure. I need to convert them from ‘we play 3s’ to ‘we show up every weekend’ though. Harder to get a steady core group of people.


You guys are cool. I like you guys.