HEllo ps2-wii converter

Hello, since i havn’t used this site for while, and i don’t know where the links is after looking for thirty minutes i will post my question.
What is the best playstation2 to wii converter?

Half an hour? And you didnt see the sticky with all the stars that says in all caps

What about the one that says “CHECK HERE BEFORE MAKING A NEW THREAD”?

Damn. Stars aint helping. Caps ain’t helping. Hey Shoo, can we make it flash?

Shoo should implement a program that forces you to click on all the stickies before you can make a thread.

Noo u miss understand, i did look, and there is non that say anything about converter!

Maybe because it doesn’t exist and there’s no real market for it on wii? :wonder:

Except there is a market out there for it, and it’s covered by all of the PSX->Gamecube converters. Asking the newbie thread would have been directed to the converter/adapter thread. The same converter/adapter thread that is linked in the very first post of the ‘everything you need is here’ thread.

okay thread could die now, i didn’t know adapter and converter where together too