Hello shoryuken!

Hi, im new to AE so I decided to join the shoryuken forums to gain some knowledge and meet some new people. Im not new to fighting games but im kinda having a hard time getting AE down i’d appreciate some help. I really enjoy playing AE and I absolutely love watching it so it kinda breaks my heart that im doing so poorly. I have played SF4 back in 08 but that was nothing serious and thats probably why I am having trouble picking AE up. Ill take all the help I can get !

unless ur more specific with what u need help with, none of us rly can do jackshit

Whatever characters you main, you can go to their respective sections and get a lot of combo/matchup knowledge from basic to advanced in those spots as a start. Read the stickied topics to get the most pertinent information and if it’s still not a solution to what you’re struggling with by then, ask in the thread about whatever specific area you feel you are doing poorly in (give details) and someone will probably give helpful advice on that.

Read the announcement threads…as much as you can.

Im not even sure what im strugling with im just losing in all aspects Im not even hitting basic links even tho im hitting them in practise. My main issue tho is pressuring my opponent.
I play Sagat, Juri and Ibuki

Read, Practice, Play, Read, Practice, Play, Read, Practice, Play…