Hello SRK forums. Help a newbie out?

Let me start of by saying that I’ve never played a fighting game hardcore. I’ve been interested in playing Street Fighter in hopes of getting better and joining the community. Watching this years EVO stream pushed me into finally acting. From what I’ve heard and seen playing with a DualShock 3 isn’t as good as playing with a fight stick. I’m planning on making the purchase of a Real Arcade Pro 3 that is modded to supposedly work for PS3,PC,and XBOX. Buying this fight stick would save me money but I don’t know much about fight sticks in the first place. Do you guys/gals know if it’s possible to mod a HRAP 3 to work for all 3? have you seen one work or heard of such a mod before ? I don’t want to make this purchase and then have it fail on me. The seller does have some credibility.

Yes, it is possible.
Everyone does it.

Thanks, I’ll most likely buy it and then add sanwa parts.

Edit: Double posted. Still new to these forums.

Just as a note, it would actually be easier to get a 360 stick and dual-mod it for PS3 (using a Chimp board) than to take a PS3 stick and dual mod it for 360, if only because you would have to do far less soldering.

He is buying HRAP 3 from someone who already Dual Modded it.

Ah, yep, misread it at first. Attentive as always jdm :wink:

He always catches every folly ;D