Hello there, just introducing myself

Hello, I’m GF202020, or gamefreak202020, which other your prefer. I’m a various fighting game player, some examples being Garou series, King of Fighters, Street Fighter, and sometimes I try out lesser known fighters, like Rage of the Dragons…which I find quite fun. I also do some MvC2, but not nearly as good and most of the time just spam taunt with Dan and Servbot.

Also, you people might know me from my exploits from MUGEN, and being the father of the Rugalspin fad.

And, as my avatar will tell you, I main Adel in KoF XI and I use both Adel and Rugal in the King of Fighter series…well, whenever they aren’t boss tier and actually balanced.

Recently, I just got a PS3 with SSFIV and just downloaded MvC2, and I am gonna get MvC3 and KoF XIII when they come out to consoles…and I might get BBCS once the price goes down.

So…yeah…hello there.

Too good for the introduction thread? Seeing as it’s only 8 THREADS BELOW THIS ONE!!!

Where is your question?

Sorry…noob mistake. >.>;

Must be all those mugen exploits clouding your vision…

That avatar has morphed you into a being of pure evil. Not that I mind, it’s rather entertaining to read your exploits.

Welcome new person, prepare for hate, probably mostly from 10’ers as they got beat up quite a bit last year and are looking for revenge.

Fixed… lol

@GF202020: Check out Dream Cancel | A King of Fighters Fan Community if you like the KOF series.