Hello there!


Hello everyone! I’m totally new for Street Fighter series, although I’ve known the series from the 90’s already. I’m 22 year old, typical guy from Finland who loves games and is always ready for some new games (lately fighting games, due to nostalgia and because I love fighting games in general alongside other genres). Top series for me are currently Mortal Kombat, Tekken and of course since I’m here, Street Fighter because I happened to get impressed by it.

So if you guys find a topic where questions are extremely noobish, please stay calm. I’ve played around a week and just getting started so I might need some tips how I get better. I fell love in using Juri so I think she will be my main for a now.

I hope I see you guys around!

P.S. Is there ever coming sub-forum for a Mortal Kombat X? I’d love for that one.


Welcome Surremies.

I don’t know how to use Juri so I don’t really have any tips, but the ones who blow me up (completely destroy me) are when they get me into the corner and she activates her insane pressure from there. It’s like watching beautiful fireworks but dying at the same time!

And her dive kick is awesome because it still gets me every time. You keep thinking she’s just doing a normal jump and then I throw a fireball and get punished (the speed and distance it covers is great)


Welcome to SRK, since you’re new to the site, I’ll give the run down of where you should ask your questions. If you need help or have a question about a game’s system, mechanic, or tips on how to do something, go here:


If you have any questions for Juri, look here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/juri

At the moment, there’s no sub-forum for MKX. My guess they will add one when the game is release.


^ this

Also, we don’t usually do introductions here. The site is just too big. If you really want to introduce yourself, try the thread for your area in regional matchmaking.