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Hi guys!


Dude you’re not Roshi, if you dont know how to be funny go watch some big bang theory, practice on your friends and then start shitty troll threads like this.
I seriously hope that you’ll delete this thread


this isnt a troll thread, I have a question.

I was watching that maximillian interview on the front page and I heard him say he used to compete.

Where can I find videos of how good or bad he was at 3s?


Ok, I’m sorry bro, lotsa negative energy around my place
I have never seen any, and I dont think it would be easy to find since he plays so bad in his 3soe vids that I doubt he would get out of pools or even reach top 8 at some minor tourneys or stuff


I think you’ll have a hard time. I remember him playing at FFA back in the day but we were both in the sub top 8 quality of players iirc


Considering even I can say I’ve competed in 3rd strike (4th place at a 2df ranbat, whopee) I’d say max was ass at the game.


I know I have seen him play in a few of the old AI videos. I’m pretty sure if you looked hard enough you might find something, those guys were always really adamant about maintaining an online presence.

youtube arcadeInfinityRanbats or something


No this is the best part:


you will learn nothing from his Dudley/Ken 15 minutes play x like 5 of them. His own channels.

The kids said he got raped, but they don’t seem to be paying attention, he held up his end, corner fought back vs JR RANKEDRIGUEZ


He’s first 2 matches. [details=Spoiler]Watch the 3rd for aspie, only I may dance taunt, with our d00d apple DOJ from mars. best stage for that, el taunto loco, the Hugo crap bounce up everywhere[/details]

(Tech) throw attempt on demon flip dive…
Cr Jab, once, now its my turn!
Jump backs when he had momentum probably no good.

but this is just me, & I sorta saw what you want to look at MAX actually playing, motives. So maybe I was more negative than needed? but to get good, you have to be negative about your play. Not buy color packs. Not be youtube partnered. That’s like the ESPN job version of former top players, and not so top Jon Barry’s.


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The hypest shit! You KNOW! He was freer than Nat Turner, with equal result!



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Thanks for the info guys, when they told me the 3rd strike forum was full of the cutest boys they weren’t lying!




Is he better at mvc2 than he is at 3s at least?


maximillian is definitely better in 3s

at least he can do mp hp xx fireball xx sa3

his mvc2 is so bad LOL


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That was the last time we saw a mod in here? Banned for in game screenshots. Harsh.

And though it wasn’t his fault, or his forum Dr SubZero tried to get that man set straight who was banned over it. God Bless Rock.

Let us not abuse this power. I’ve been on the modding side also and they can get crabby.
Saw a Captain America cosplayer before whom had a lightweight shield, still made from solid metal, and great construction. Very cool.
He was definitely not a “People of Wal-Mart” Captain America.