Hello, trying to get back into fighting games


hello SRK.

I’m planning on getting out from my fighting game haitus for sometime, I want to get back by buying USF4 on the PS4 but I have heard that it has problems.

I’'m also trying to learn skullgirls on my PC but its pretty hard to find someone that does not destory me within 7 seconds, I know the idea is that I’m supposed to learn from my losses but how exactly do I learn from getting absolutely destroyed in a match?


Prepare for battle!


Join beginner lobbies, I know of a couple of communities on steam that are dedicated to helping new players learn, also consult skullheart as srk doesn’t really have skullgirls discussions. If you do find someone on your level, friend them and play them so you can get better together.


I’m in the same boat- getting back into fighting games after not having played them much since the PS1 era. Are Beginner Lobbies a Skullgirls-exclusive thing or do any other games have them? I’ve played SFIII: Third Strike, SFIV, and DOA5LR online and I’m kind of noticing that none of them are really great at matching players of similar skill levels.


Beginner lobbies aren’t a feature of skullgirls or any other fighting game afaik, they’re just endless lobbies that are publicized for newbies so that they have a place to play people that are guaranteed to be within their skill range.

Matchmaking in SFIV at least, is inconsistent at lower levels due to the extreme range of players that are stuck at low pp. Once you get to 2k and above there shouldn’t be as big a variety in skill, but in the 1k and below you’ll find people that are new, people that have been playing for a while but don’t have the fundamentals to consistently win, and people who mess around with the whole roster.