Hello! where do i start with my gouken journey?

well i’ve been maining gouken for awhile now (and don’t think i’ll be changing) but i’m still kinda new too street fighter, so i’m just wondering what the most importent things there are that i need to learn with gouken.

i can do all his moves of course but what are some more advanced stuff i need to learn? and just basically need to learn where i should get started

I think you’ll find some great stuff in the gouken videos sticky thread.

lol, you start by reading!

By rejecting the desire to win and embracing the pursuit of knowledge… my son.

Go to training mode and learn the vortex.

the vortex? i’ve got no clue what you mean by that, but i guess i’ll find out when i get to doing what everyone else is telling me.

time to hit the forums and get to my studies, as well as learn to apply what i learn in unranked online

The “vortex” as they call it is goukens demon flip game on wake up when and who u can do safe flips what to do after the flips and ways to score untechable knockdowns to keep the pressure going and make them make mistakes. As a gouken player, you really have to capitalize on opponents mistakes, since you have no jab or short confirms, only strong and forward confirms usually into tatsu or df. And learn how to tech. Can’t stress that enough. I’ve never seen someone get thrown or attempt to get thrown as much as gouken.

Here is info on the Vortex and Safe Jumping, but there is a lot more than you have to be concerned about. Esp, knowing which Anti Air to use, and becoming pretty decent in the art of grabbing/teching.

Vortex: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=212934

Safe Jumping: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=222591

Knowing how to block and tech will be your best asset whle you play with Gouken. The other side of the coin is knowing which Anti Air to use, you’ll mostly use cr. fp, but certain times you will want to use cr. mk, st. mk, or close st. hk (aside from cr. fp, this is his most reliable Anti Air esp. on cross ups or characters with unusual jumping arcs, and for people who neutral jump your DF Grab on their wake up).

But the time in, and learn your match ups!!! With out this knowledge then you are screwed, if you are playing high level comp. Every one plays a different style for the most part, but there are certain rules of thumb about each match up that you want to base your strategy around and feel it out from there.

Read the forum, there is tons of information here… you just have to put the time into studying it.

Go to the Gouken Phone book thread and find a few matches, for the Gouken mirror match is one of the harder matches on the game. It’s something about KNOWING that aside from safe jumping you can be neutralized at any point in the match.

Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice…

Don’t be afraid of losing… You can learn more from a loss, than you ever will from a win. It hurts but, experience is your best teacher.

Ain’t it just the horrible truth! :chainsaw:

Run through his trial mode, normal and hard. Not all the combos are useful but a surprising amount of them are. It sounds like you are a relative rookie so practice that execution until you can do all his basic combos without mashing and with good accuracy. Also, think fast. All the time. Gouken basically does damage by capitalizing on the opponent’s mistakes. Learn when you can punish his mistakes and punish them hard. Also never use his super unless it’ll kill the opponent and it’s the final round because gouken without meter is not very fun. Mr. Pain Train 4 life! :smiley:

I wouldn’t say never use his super, works halfway decent as AA with LP version, and does some decent damage, I wouldnt recommend using it raw, but it does better damage of off counter and dash palm cancels and its an actual hit confirm following dash palm. But you are right gouken does have a tougher time with out ex meter

Quoted for emphasis. He’s right. It’s not easy, but learn to be patient when being rushed down. You will encounter so many tick throw-happy clowns.

Tic throws,wake up throws, ballsy walk up throws. I’ve been thrown out of, fbs, palms, and tatsu non ex version. Its ridiculous how brazen people are with throw even with goukens back throw people just abuse goukens almost non existent reversal game.

Maybe the piece-by-piece approach I work just happened to work well for me, but Gouken is the kind of character that you need to able to consistently execute his big combos when you do get the opening.

You probably already know about his basic DF/FA/Jumping hp/hk into c.HP, EX Palm, etc…but would say that the first thing I did to get strong with Gouken was learn those in training mode. Dash into hp Tatsu against most characters can get you the most damage in the middle of the screen, but mp palm can be a better setup. Knowing the distance from the corner where you can lp hadoken into lp palm after EX palm, and where you can lp hadoken into ultra (which you can do from deceptively far away) and getting consistent at his various corner juggles/resets was what I got down first. (Well, that and the timing for a 3-hit ultra off of backthrow)

After I felt comfortable with the combos, I really learned a lot from the In-depth Gouken Demon Flip (DF) Safe Jump Guide. Training with the same person repeatedly as you try new things and they find ways to stop you can help.

Not sure if that will be helpful for you at all, but those two points were the main areas for me that I spent big chunk of time to focus on once I started playing Gouken a lot. Being able to play reasonably well with a few characters other than Gouken will make it easier to appreciate Gouken’s strengths and weaknesses as well. Hope that helps.