Hello World!

Hello there! This is a simple introduction thread about me!

The basics
My name is Kim, I am 29 years old and I live in Sweden and I study game development at University of Skövde.

My experience with fighting games
Eight hours of game time pretty much sums it up. If we do not include the few times I played on my Super Nintendo as a kid.
I play on PC with a Xbox360 controller which might not be ideal but I have very little to reference too so I guess I am fine now.
I decided to buy a fighting game two weeks ago since a lot of the game developer students in one of the “clubs” at school also plays fighting games, but also the once I have become friends with in my own class.
So I ended up buying Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Skullgirls, I mainly play SFIV though.

Why did I join?
Basically since I am a game developer in the making and also enjoying this new world I am currently exploring. But also to ask questions, one I will ask in this very thread. Also if I decide to try and develop a small fighting game what would be a better place to ask for what is important to the player than a forum like this one?

A single questions
Since I am very new to fighting games I have no clue what is good or bad in the world of arcade sticks, the only thing I know is that it is recommended to have one if I wanna get more serious, so I wonder if anyone can recommend a stick that I can grow with without fear that I will feel that it is a bad one if I ever turn out to become an average or above player. I guess a price range would be good to mention as well, 165€ / 220$ (excluding shipping) is a range I feel comfortable with. With the requirement that the stick should have native support for PC of course, if it match any other console I’ll see it as a bonus.

Thats it!
Feel free to ask anything if there is anything that is unclear or if you would need more info about something.

Best regards!

Welcome to SRK. We don’t usually do introduction threads here. The site is just too big.

For information on what stick to buy, try the “what stick should I buy” stickied thread in tech talk. You’ll find threads stickied at the top of most subforums that are filled with answers to frequently asked questions.

Thanks for the information, I’ll take a look!

In my opinion the best bang for you buck sticks at the moment are these 2:
Quanba Q1 - http://www.amazon.com/Qanba-Q1-PS3-Joystick-Fightstick/dp/B00BXPIO1S/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1381189888&sr=1-1&keywords=qanba+q1
Mad Catz Soul Edition - http://www.amazon.com/SoulCalibur-Arcade-FightStick-Edition-Playstation-3/dp/B006EJ38W8

Both are high quality sticks but the Soul Edition stick has better buttons and original high quality Japanese parts, while the Quanba stick has a good joystick that rivals the SE’s, is a bit cheaper and comes with 3 gates but has worse buttons.
It’s really your call and depends on what’s available at your ebay, I went with the SE and I love it every fucking second.

Nice choice of games, too.

You Nordic folk got good taste in games.
So many Dota 2/CS players coming from there and it seems some got a good taste in fighting games, too. :smiley:

Btw. I honestly think this part of the forum could have a general introduction thread, since it’s not very active anyways, but that’s just like my opinion, man.

Thanks for the tips, I will check both out. I wanted to build my own stick since my friends has done that, but the site they used for info is closed, so I decided I’ll check on sticks to buy instead.

As a game dev, it is only suiting that I am expanding my horizon! I might end up making one, one day, having some understanding of what the player want would be good while working on it.
I really like SF4AC, a lot to earn and learn ^^

Hello People! I’m also new here and looking forward to have good times here.

Since this is turning into a random introduction thread with no questions, I’m closing it.

Please use the newbie dojo to ask questions, not introductions or match making.