Hello, XvSF tiers? MvSF infinites?

Hi, I am new to the forum but not the site. I just wanted to introduce myself and also ask a question. My name is Shane, I live in Columbia, MD. I have been playing (2D) fighting games since Street Fighter II blah blah blah. I know this has been discussed before somewhat (but I didn’t see any tier lists), and I also know everyone in the game has infinites (and that Cyclops is most likely the top tier) but does anyone have a tier list for XvSF or MvSF? And are there infinites in MvSF? Thanks.

i would say top tier in version 1 and 2 of xsf would be


i try to breakdown tiers but to be honest, the only character thats a dead giveaway at being top tier is storm cuz of her bullshit runaway and insane meter building topped off with stupid corner combos/dizzies.

i think every characters is so damn broken in one way or another that they are damn near on even ground.

i will say tho, than ken is dead last. but even he has some shit too.


Thanks for responding, if you know, what about version 3 of XvSF?..What is different? Who is the top/bottom tier?

what are the differents version of Xmvsf and Where do u download them ?

do not ask where to download illegal material. doing so will get you banned immediately.

version 3 had some changes with flying screen mainly, making some characters infinites obsolete.

cyclops j.fierce slying screen causes opponent to go straight down pretty much. eliminating all of his corner combo garbage. of course he still has some killer combos with similar results. just a lot stricter on timing after the fs.

storms j.fierce does the same. so the repeating hold up sj.fierce, sj.rh over and over again doesnt work too well. really hard to catch an opponent off that.

juggernauts j.fierce infinite no longer works.

magneto no longer has his unescapable up throw with punch.

dhalsim got seriously raped. but fixed for his benefit at the same time. he can only do drills until atleast the peak of his jump. which totally kills his offensive. but they fixed his vulnerability when he recovers from an attack with his teleport. he can now block.

wolverines sj.rh also makes opponent fall faster making it a little more difficult to combo. makes it tougher to do the easy setups into corner infinite…

akuma/ryu’s hopkick can no longer be cancelled mid attack frame into a jump attack(i.e. being able to do a hopkick and do a j.fierce before you land from the hopkick, which was only present in v1). and its damn near impossible to do c.strong, hopkick repeat infinite unlike v2 and especially v1.

theres more changes but thats off the top of my head

Yea, I had heard version 3 wasn’t as broken as 1 & 2 but I was just curious what the changes were. I’m guessing the home version (Saturn - Import, is based on version 3?) That was a lot of info, thanks again for typing it all out. Much appreciated.

Top Tier in Version 2:

  1. Cyclops (hardest fight is Juggernaut. Gambit and Storm give him trouble too. Can usually dominate most of the cast with two moves.)
  2. Storm (if she hits you, you probably are going to lose in the most boring way possible. Sucky combos out of corner, but that barely matters.)
  3. Cunt Lips (runaway is nearly as broken as Storm’s. Has good combos and safe chipping with super).
  4. Gambit (punishes laggy moves with jab DP. nutso priority)
  5. Juggernaut (three words: Headcrush. Command grab.)
  • the regular cast of idiots -

Last. Cammy (no pressure game, combos are trashy and distance dependant)

Top Tier in Version 3:

  1. Cyclops (can’t do stupid easy infinites anymore. Other than that, nothing much has changed.)
  2. Wolverine (gets a lot better mainly because the other characters got a lot worse. Not having to worry about random hit into stupid infinite means Wolvy can be a lot ballsier)
  3. Storm (no infinite in the corner, but that never really was why she was top tier anyway)
  4. Gambit (not excessively different)
  5. Juggernaut (same deal.)
  • Cammy still sucks. Might as well throw Ryu in too since without his dumb infinite he has nothing, nathan, nada. Chun-Li isn’t top tier anymore because Senretsu isn’t safe, which is a large reason as to why she is top in v2 -

Top Tier in MSF:

  1. Wolverine (can stop playing for free meter, and only BH/Meph can stop him. From there, it’s going into easy infinite, or doing free chip for awhile. Only IB Zangief cleanly beats him, and IBZ has his own issues.)
  2. Omega Red (if it wasn’t for Wolverine, OR would be the stupid good one. A lot faster than he is in MvC2, plus comboable air super)
  3. Blackheart/Mephisto (if you are losing to these guys, you probably lost the match. Only OR can validly infiltrate his range.)
  4. Spider-Man (I think he still has his infinite from MSH, correct me if I’m wrong. S.Strong is still a great normal even if it doesn’t lead into infinite, and Spidey’s normals still have dumb priority.)
  • cast of idiots. CapAm/USA and Hulk get honorable mentions for their assists and traps. Also IBZ for Wolverine counter, and Cyclops for IBZ counter (since the top tier don’t beat IBZ easily) -

Next-to-Last. Sakuras. Dark is better but only slightly and in a way that barely matters. They’re stumpy, do no damage, take it like schoolgirls (that’s what they are, but not the point) and generally don’t have priority.
Last. Ken. See Sakura, and take away her half-decent dash.

Infinites: Wolverine’s berserker rage semi-inf (c.fierce til they get dizzy or super runs out). Spidey might have his MSH inf (s.strong, strong DP. repeat.)

dasrik: dude you have no idea how good ryu and cammy are. they are hella good bro. trust me :slight_smile:

cammy is impossible to fucking hit. her combos are retarded. her air throw is stupid. good supers. she is hella good. shes just not braindead easy to start off with.

and ryu is fucking good too. he gets one hit anywhere midscreen, it leads to his corner combo bs. his combos take you to the corner extremely fast. one launch into an air combo ending with a rh hk will send you to the corner everytime, allowing him to get a free s.short motg into his dumb throw reset garbage and you die in like 2 seconds. and shotos are really good at the launch mixups(launch crossunder, launch again etc… plus his punch throw is way too good. p throw, s.short otg, hopkick, airthrow. wee back in corner again where ryu dominates. or just super after hopkick. wheee therer goes a ton of life.

trust me dude. these characters are fucking good. i cant express how good they are. my boy dogface(who lives in CA now) owned up everyone with cammy/ryu. even beats bas and DavidL at evo pretty soundly. and those guys are no jokes at the game. dude if you ever played this guy, his cammy especially will make you go WTF?!?! cant fucking hit the stupid bitch. and shes in your face the whole time. and you get too busy try to get her off you. she is extremely frustrating of all the characters.

oh yeah and chun is not safe with blocked kick super. all you gotta do is push block and throw. ggpo to that safe super. what makes her so stupid are the endless amount of times she gets a triple option into the kick super. she lands it, she gets another triple option. so gay!!!

also in version3. i think sim goes to bottom tier damn near. they raped him way too badly. he lost all of his sick rushdown :frowning:

saturn = version 3

I think I have to agree with the Cammy XvSF stuff. If someone can play Cammy well, it is VERY HARD to hit her. Even when you do connect it’s hard to do “normal” combo’s/setups that work on most of the other characters in the game. As for Ryu, I don’t know as much about playing him as I do other characters, but his fierce throw is CRAZY fast and then you can otg-whatever else, etc… so I’d have to agree there once again.

Just the morning after I made that post, Zaza told me some Cammy and Ryu shit that made me reconsider them. LOL.

With that in mind, I don’t have a clear idea of who’s worst anymore. Everyone seems to have their something, and I don’t really know all the matchups that good. Sim seems to have been raped pretty bad in v3 though, but still at least he can still link anything into super.

i would say, v3 atleast, sim is definitely the worst. he just got raped too bad. v1 and 2 i would say ken. ken doesnt really have any bs to abuse. hes just a straight out of the box character. only thing he really has is running away with air fb’'s and excellent dps.

but yeah, its so hard to really tier except for storm. since she has the unnatural advantage of flying away where no one else can reach. and stay up there for an insane amont of time. but everyone has such a huge amount of effective bs. its really pointless to tier the game…

no love for charlie?

I don’t know… I’d say that Akuma is pretty close to Ken. Takes more damage, but has the broken LK Hurricane… But overall, the tiers are, for the most part, negligable. Storm is the only one I would agree is too broken. Lightning Attack inf off of any hit, off of any Variable Counter… Just too much. A few people have a little ‘edge’… Gambit, Chun(As long as they don’t do random QCF+KK), some Cyke, some Charlie(Love for the Charlie in the house…) But I learned to stop being surprised when I lost, hardcore, to what I thought was an underpriviledged character.(Right about when Bison threw down.)

And, I don’t know if you meant it that way, but Hopkick -> c.strong doesn’t link in V2. You recovered from the hopkick midair in version 1, letting you link lots of air moves and pretty much anything you wanted on the ground… In version two, the best you can go is Hopkick -> s.jab. I’m pretty sure they didn’t change it anymore in v3. I’d have to agree with him being pretty sick, though. Used him for a long time, and he’s got great priority specials, throw combos up the ass, and is hardly even phased by the FS. Only problem is getting in close. :bluu: Oh… And c.forward xx SJ Shinkuu Hadouken counters own all.

And yes, Spidey has his MSH inf in MvsSF. You might have to add in a s.jab, I forget, been a while, but it’s in there.

Damn Prozac Nation, you are too crazy.

Give me some of your happy pills! :wink:

Storm also has a pretty easy infinite.

eh and what infinite is that?

Throw in the corner, walk under, [Lightning Attack Up, Lightning Attack Down], land, [repeat]

yeah but is that the infinite he was thinking of. and if i remember right, that lightning attack stuff dont work on version 3 anymore. i cant remember tho. but like it matters. hardly any arcade has version 3.

that inf is garbage, do the re-jump inf… j.short, j.foward, j.fierce, j.roundhouse in corner in FS, cant be holding up. can be set up off lightning attacks, off of throws, etc.

The lightning attack up then down one is hard.

I just throw in corner->j.lk->lightning attack down->j.lk->lightning attack down.

easy shit. not as damaging as say cyke’s infinite, but an easy infinite.