greetings earthlings…so after a few weeks or lurking around the forum i have decided to join. I am new to the whole street fighter series and im eager to learn. Also, i do own a stick which im getting a hang of it sometimes lol. ok thats it…


Pics of gf/sister/mom/wife are mandatory.

You say that you’re new to SF, but your sig says that you’re a beast.

A beast at what?


LOL, i did not see any rules about pics of sis/gf/mom/wife…and im just a beast :).

These are the unwritten rules of GDD. If you post an introduction thread, it is required or gtfo.

Oh, and welcome.

5 posts in and no pics?

grog should do his part as a veteran member of SRK by leading by example and posting pics of his mom. :party:

Where them tittays at nigga? GD rule 1= Tits or gtfo…

sup man. I second the pics but even if you don’t provide any I can just look at more beautiful whores.

Welcome, now show pix

It’s in my introductory thread.

Isn’t this supposed to be a MS Paint picture instead of words?



agreed with above post

Hi I’m also a newbie!


If you don’t produce them pics of your sis/gf/mom/wife/grandma/aunt/whore cousin…you’ll be my bitch.

Here I was hoping this thread was a new beginning for GD, alas I must revert to my baser instincts and tell the OP to die a cancerous death.

Sorry Brosef Fritzl.

There are sites where posting an introductory thread will get you (mostly) positive replies. This is not one of them.

Oh, you may want to modify your sig. I think that second sentence is supposed to read “You’re just a pet.” I’m willing to bet my photoshopped G.E.D. on it.