Hi, I am glad to be a part of your community.

@Koop: Forget my pm!
@LimeGreenPatato: Thanks for closing my thread.

I thought I have no use for my account but changed my opinion.

I need it because this forum is the best way to contact high-level players and learn from them.


Hope we will have fun together and maybe we will see us online.


How did LimeGreenPotato close your thread?




29091987 is that your security code?

Magic or an illuuuuusion?


no, my birth


I buy it.


Nice to meet you.


can it be that ALL players changed from street fighter 4 to ssf4???

i am not finding players in the championship mode in sf4…thats a pity…wanted to upgrade to g1-d rank


oh, what’s your security number then?
seriously SRK where have all the trolls gone :wonder:

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