Hi I am new to the forums and I kinda been lurking in the dark till now. I have been playing with Hsien Ko since Vampire Hunter 2. Been playing with Hsien Ko since MvC3. Also I have a list of buffs I want to show I though would be nice to show so please let me know how it is. Thanks!

Vitality: 950.000
Increase damage
Decrease damage scaling
Decreased Hitstun Scaling
Meter Build increase by 40%.
(Ex: Can build 1 on her basic combo can build nearly 2 bars in the corner)
Airdash speed increase by 70%.
Ground dash has a 3 frame startup, active for 15 frames, and recover is 3 frames.
(Like Wesker teleport)
Cancable Sen-pu.
Command Grab has the same motion but only one version using the S button.
Command Grab has a 1 Frame Start-up.
Increased range on command grab.
Can perform command grab in air.
Can followup after air grab.
Item stun has increase; airborne enemy now falls and get’s back up dizzied.
Bombs explode on contact.
Gongs command has been changed to a down-back motion
Gongs start-up has been reduced to 8 frames and Recovery is 7 Frames.
Gong causes soft knockdown on airborne opponent, causes stagger on standing opponent.
Gong hits on the ground.
Gong C Version now hits twice.
Can now double jump.
Chrien Ko has a 3 frame start-up and quicker recovery.
Tenrai Ha by itself does 305.000, in combos 280.000
Rimukon decreases damage by 30%.
Also the Team I use in now is Nemesis/Hsien Ko/Vergil.



Post this in the Wishlist thread.


yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, no, no, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes


No to cancelable Senpuu-Bu?



I could take it or leave it

Does Hsien-Ko really strike you as a high-damage character?

Mostly agree

Not necessary, no reason she should have that much of a meter gain advantage over the rest of the cast.

Would be nice, but is basically nonsensical. It wouldn’t be as cute if it were that fast; it already looks weird under level 3 X-Factor.

Yeah I could get behind that.


If she’s going to have a 1 frame command grab (especially one that can be performed mid-air), the current range is fine. And I’m going to assume you mean she could follow-up after the air command grab not the regular air grab. I feel like, if she’s going to have 4 different grabs, she should be able to combo off of half of them (regular ground grab and command air grab, for example).


Ehhhhhhhhhh I could go either way here. The bombs (and Anki Hou itself, really) are pretty much a novelty, and part of their charm is their detonation time. Plus how useless they are.

I don’t mind either way, really


Not necessary… they’re a fine zoning tool as they are, making them stagger and/or soft knockdown on hit would be ridiculous, especially under X-Factor. I guess I’d have to see it in action… but if you combine that with the Anki Hou buffs I think it would get really out of hand.


I don’t see the point


I think the startup is fine as is, but the quicker recovery would be fun for follow-up or even tag-in combos. There’s some potential there.

that’s not how damage scaling works…

this would only be acceptable if she also built meter under Rimoukon…


Thanks for replying as for the Meter build I only did that because back in Vampire Savior she build meter quicker than anyone so I thought it would be ok since she usesa lot of meter to damage now. As for the air grab situation I was talking about her Regular Air Grab where she falls with them but instead recovers immediately upon landing. Also for the Rimukon power up I meant damage received is reduced by 30%.