I am azurada23.

I’ve been having an eye on the FGC for a while now. Currently I’m playing Persona 4 Arena, UMVC3, and … if it’s not completely deserted, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD

I’m strictly on Xbox 360 since… well… PS3 was blessed expensive at the time. I aspire to eventually make a game of my own, so I’ve gotten an associate’s degree in applied sciences (the focus was on animation).

I occasionally post stuff on my youtube channel (Azurada23rd). My friend KevinMaaka has continued a series that I started called the “Lobby of Progress”, essentially lobby matches with the purpose of improvement in gameplay in UMVC3. He plans to release a similar series called the “Midnight Channel of Progress” which works the same as the initial “Lobby,” but for Persona 4 Arena.

Hi welcome to fighting games. But this section of the forum is for uh…asking questions…when you need help with something.
So yeah you should probably ask questions before this gets closed :confused:

Ah, sorry. I thought this was where newcomers introduce themselves.

I do one one small question. I use a controller and there are points in time where i try to use the fireball motion but end up jumping instead… Costs me a healthy amount of matches sometimes

Welcome to SRK.

We don’t really do introductions here, the site is simply too big. If you want to introduce yourself, you’re much better of doing so in the regional matchmaking section so you can meet people who live close to you.

As for your question, check out the sticky thread on execution. It will help you self-diagnose most common problems:

Most of the sub-forums at SRK have sticky threads that will answer most common questions.

If you have a more particular question, by all means, come on back and post it up.