Helloooo SRK!


So after seeing EVO for the first time in Vegas, meeting some awesome guys like Seth Killian and Daigo, I’ve decided to pick up SSF4. And, a lot of the people I met with breifly all said this was the go-to site for getting my new skills up to par. So I just wanted to make a quick post to say hello! :china:

I still haven’t decided on a main yet (although I know Ryu is the starter, I feel as though sometimes I do better with other characters like Gen) but I would love anybody else who is on X360 and wants to spar a bit to help out my game to feel free to do so!

I’ve read a lot already on the forum, and I’ve seen a lot of vids. And even though training is awesome against a bot, nothing really beats the real thing. I also live in the LA area, so if anyone is also a local to the SoCal scene, I’d love to get some real 1 on 1 training over at Arcade Infinity.

Until then, I hope this community is amazing as it was meeting the other fighters @EVO2k10!
Cheers! :cool:

XBL: Freakk21


A few things:

  • Cool that you got to meet Seth and Daigo :smiley:
  • Gen is REALLY bad in (S)SFIV, probably one of the worst so i’d think twice about maining him. However, if you really want to, just ignore what i said :wink:
  • Here Regional Matchmaking you can go and check about the LA scene and find out about tournaments etc.
  • Have a good stay at shoryuken :smiley:


You know Sizar, you could easily start a debate from some Gen lovers if you’re not careful. But anyways…



Welcome! If you’re new to Street Fighter overall, you’re gonna have to work your ass off and invest massive amounts of time and commitment if you want to be decent and play at a competitive level. However, if it’s just Super you’re new to, then no worries, you can learn in no time.

But whatever the case, just keep on practicing and enjoying Street Fighter!