Hell's Kitchen Season 10! I'M SHUTTING IT DOWN!


Alright it’s almost that time again for my favorite awful show to air again!

Starts this Monday and apparently the prize this year it’s head chef at one of Ramsay’s own restaurants. Think it’ll be as big a shit show this year too? Season 9 was pretty damn bad after all.


Needs all hot girls.


I saw a short preview and sorry.


Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares UK and Best Restaraunt UK are GDLK because they’re real and there’s none of that dramatic fake bullshit, his US shows however, are pure reality tv garbage.


That they are. His UK shows are legit and actually focus on an important aspect in cooking coughfood. When it comes to this US show I have train wreck syndrome… I just can’t look away and it makes me feel horrible!


BBC America, Kitchen Nightmare marathons, can’t complain. It’s just funny to see how many owners still doubt him when he calls everything they do shit.


On Kitchen Nightmares US each Restaraunt gets $10,000 for renovation and on Hells Kitcen US he just yells at everyone acting like an asshole which is the complete opposite of how he is on his UK shows. The former is an image the latter is his real self.

Seriously I don’t get how anyone can watch his US shows like all other reality tv shows in the US there is not a single drop of auenticity, it’s just pandering to the lowest common denominator. What made his UK shows so good was that it was real no punches were held back to coddle viewers who want only happy endings or some feel good bullshit, if someone failed they failed game over.


Anyone ever see Gordon’s Great Escape or whatever it was called? It’s only something like five episodes but it was a really interesting watch.


I didn’t knew it existed I like masterchef and hellskitchen but they’re too drama focused


We have to run some bets,

first person to get kicked out
first person to break down
first person to get hospitalized
first person to get called a cow
first person to sent out to eat their own food
first person to set fire to themselves
The meal that nobody is able to cook properly


Ramsay opened up a restaurant here in Vegas, DAT Beef Wellington!!!


This will be a toss up between risotto and wellington.


Don’t forget scallops too!

>:( IT’S RUBBER!!! :frowning:


HAHAHA :rofl:




He actually got hurt there too.


i think this season is gonna be RAAAAWWWW!!! bruvs.

Man i would NEVER eat from that restaurant, one dude is sick as a dog, two people look like they have herpes, the obese lady from memphis has her belly all over the place, BLAH!!!


lol so much for this list, first episode was ridiculous

Didn’t know there was a black guy till 15minutes into the show when he brought up his food. That guy sucked so badly, how did they not pick him.

In typical HK fasion it’s impossible to tell who the strongest is yet because all the focus was on the people fucking up shit.


Only good part of that episode was seeing Roc and Dave again…and Ramsay of course.

No one on the Womens team is remotely hittable…NO ONE.

The men had to be the dumbest yet…you up Don instead of Royce because he didn’t do anything?
He COULDN’T do anything he was to do fucking entrees…yet the team haven’t even sent out any fucking appetizers.



Sadly I agree bruv, I feel that this may be the worse season in terms of eye candy.

now masterchef, there’s some there that look delectable

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Masterchef started too? Well there’s another way to kill time at work.

First episode was a complete shit show. I like how this season is all about the FIGHTZ (okay most are anyway but this one is playing it up moreso).