Hell's Kitchen Season 8: It's RAAWW!

Once again my friends…it’s ON!

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Only place I can find a preview ATM.

September 22nd…it’s @#%#!@!@ RAW.

Does anyone else feel like another HK is too soon? I mean it would be nice to take a little breather and get away from Ramsay’s constant berating. That said, I’m probably going to follow it.

Sigh Ohhh yeah, here we go. Everyone come here. Yeah stop what your doing and just fuckin’ come here. Touch this. Just touch it. STONE COLD. Pinker than your fuckin’ lips.

lol i like how they are hyping up Raj “best contestant ever”.


palm slams food

Way too soon for another season.

Honestly, after watching four full seasons of this show, it’s pretty old to me. Unless there’s quite a few colorful characters, I’m not going to watch this season. I’d rather have a new season of Kitchen Nightmares.

that is cool. I don’t even cook and I like the show.

I need to learn some day.

Hell’s Kitchen isn’t about food or cooking.

It’s good because the show and it’s drama is rigged and scripted. Rumors of professional actors thrown in to the cast were flying around before AND the winners of the “contest” don’t even get what they were promised. Which is fitting because they survived hell only to be tricked by the devil!! MWHAHAAH

wheres More to Love Season 2?

But watching this show I’ve become a master at cooking scallops :rofl:

Ramsey has another show that is all about learning how to cook - Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live | Food | Channel4.com

^ Then maybe u should try out :wink:

Raww raww rrraaaawwww!!!

So I’m watching this now. Ghetto chick is fucking hot as hell hahaha.

I didn’t get good looks at the others but this season looks explosive. It’s like have the contestants have K-Groove meters that surpass K-Ramsey especially that hood chick.

I want to bone and then kill Sabrina. Such a fucking cunt. RAWR!

Gald I’m not the only one…she would get it.



Did she really pass out? I dunno, that was like some fake-ass shit.

Dr. B could stomach Antonia’s cooking no problem. That’s a compliment.

Eh. This show really falls off when you get two SyFy Channel movie actors to force “drama” and other bullshit. I guess they got too many complaints about the show being ‘dull’ and ‘boring’ for the past few seasons. Not enough fake bullshit happening for ADD viewers. I hate TV.

Wait wut.

Also, where the fuck is JP? :sad: :sad: :sad:

this shit made no sense. curtis obviously was the worst at sushi, was part of the team that automatically DQ’d themselves from the opening challenge, and yet he is put on the sushi station for dinner service? that’s some contrived bullshit right there. I mean, he didnt even protest that fact? wtf?

also no JP is lame as hell

I have a feeling production influence played a part in this or something. Producers probably told Ramsay to put Curtis on sushi so he would tank harder than Raj, just so they can keep Raj around for ratings…