Hellsing Avatar please

Can someone make me an avatar with this picture? Center the head and put like a flame type of background in it. And put “Jesus Christ is in Heaven” somewhere in there. Thanks :tup:


I got bored and downloaded PS again.

I understand if you don’t want to use it. Apologize for not being able to fit, “Jesus Christ is in Heaven.”

Hey thanks man, I’ll rock it. :rock: Could you put “Hellsing” in there? I thought that Jesus line wouldn’t fit… :sad:

Meh, I deleted the .psd, so it’s kinda…

Maybe you should wait a little longer, there are other people that can probably hook you up good.


How’s that? Up to you if you wanna use.

PS. Athan, it’s 160x64

Hey, a big thanks to both of you for your time and effort! :tup: