HELP! - '98 Leona cr.C > fwd B > V Slasher


Hey all,
I’ve been trying to tackle this combo for literally over a month now. I’ve searched and searched for info on how to input this one correctly and have found quite a bit, but, alas, none of it has proved too helpful. I’m either not buffering correctly or doing the motions too quickly or slowly.

I understand the motions as this.
d+C , df , f+B , df , b+C

The issue is obviously the final V Slasher. I’ve also tried doing the full half circle back motion, delaying the final button press, slowing down (and speeding up) the motions, and a variety of other things. Nothing has worked. So far, this is the only Leona combo that has given me issue, and I’m at a loss as to why.

I would be very grateful for any help with this. ><


I don’t know man… it’s a b&b combo for Leona. Maybe try [crC/cC, f+B, qcf, hcb+C] instead of the buffering you’re doing. This is how I do it and it doesn’t give me trouble because there is enough time for me to input the DM after [f+B], unlike Iori’s [cC, f+A, qcf, hcb+P]. If you still find it hard, try this trick that I do with Yashiro [cC, dp, f+B, hcb+C]. Still having trouble? try [cD 2hits] in place of [cC]. Did not work? then try [cC, dp, f+B, b+C]


You are a god. Thank you!
I was able to pull it off at least a couple dozen times tonight, and I’m sure it’ll become easier with practice. Going through and doing the full qcf, hcb motions (as you suggested) got me to realize that I wasn’t letting the stick go neutral and that was apparently messing me up.
Again… thanks! :slight_smile: