Help a Blanka out

I’m compiling a spreadsheet that will allow a quick comparison between multiple characters in a predetermined set of categories, and, as many have pointed out, I am in desperate need of help determining ratings.

Please take a look at this thread:

My garbage numbers for Billy:

Health 3
Reversal 3
AA 3.5
Zoning 2
Rush 3
Mix up 4
Damage pot 3
Viability 1

Appointing myself forum rep because I am good at Blanka. I’ll do the first few then think some more.

Health 3
you can’t really change this, though I think you should add .5 values in.

**Reversal 1.5
EX upball is a powerful anti air with it’s large amount of invincibility, ability to hit on both sides of Blanka, and it’s 4 frame speed. However as a reversal it is punishable on hit by a large % of the cast because it doesn’t knock down. It is off the ground on frame 1 so it isn’t FADCable. It also costs a meter.

EX rainbow roll has a very large amount of invincibility, but it is very easily punished from either chasing it down or from option selecting it. It also loses to mashed jabs.

Electricity is not a true reversal, though it will hit some specific setups or tag sloppy strings. It being 5 frames is nice, but it is not invincible at all.

Blanka’s backdash is very slow, but it also has a large amount of range and good momentum. This allows it to evade some commonly used option selects. His focus backdash is even slower, but it goes farther backwards and has armor.

Blanka’s U1 is one of the better reversal ultras in the game. At 4 frames it is hard to safejump reliably, and it is also very invincible able to evade meaty dragon punch setups from certain characters. It also does a massive amount of chip so as a reversal it gets additional utility when your opponent is low on life. Even if they block the ultra it is good game sometime.

AA U2 has reversal ability against certain characters. Most notably Ibuki as it will hit her out of her most commonly used kunai vortex setup.

Overall Blanka’s inability to safely reversal against a large amount of characters is his downfall, and having to rely on reversal ultra is not a reliable strategy. This is the part of his game that is most likely to change in AE 2012

AA 4.5

Blanka is easily one of the hardest characters to jump at in the game and he would arguably be the best AAing character in the game if normal upball was invincible.

cr.strong is a ridiculous anti air and the number of characters who can reliably jump in on it is about 10, and this mostly consists of characters who are able to alter their jump arc like Viper, Rufus, and Yun. The other group of characters are characters like Sakura, or Dudley who have ridiculous hitboxes on certain jumping normals.

For the former group of characters Blanka has upball and ex upball and also jump back/forward hp. Notably moves that change your jump arc have bad hitboxes and big vulnerable hurtboxes. This allows you to “meet” them with moves that while not having the best hitboxes have better hitboxes than the air moves, and in the case of upball you can hit on both sides to get rid of the ambiguity of a move moving the character closer or farther to you.

Against characters with great hiboxes on their air normals Blanka can respond with some great hitboxes of his own in nj.hp and st.hp. st.hp has an odd but tall sweeping which will commonly catch characters before they would normally press a button in the air. nj.hp is tied for fastest air normal for Blanka at only 4 frames, does 120 damage, and it has one of the best hitboxes in the game of ANY MOVE PERIOD.

Blanka also has situational anti airs to take care of character specific problems. St.strong to deal with Yun divekicks from far, a 3 frame to hit Adon air jaguar kicks without using meter, buffered electricity to deal with divekicks on top of his head meterlessly, etc. But overall if you have all of these mastered characters should not be able to jump at you if you are not knocked down.

The only thing holding back his AA game is the amount of damage he does. If his aa game was more damaging I would easily give it a 5.

Awesome. I appreciate the time you put into writing this up.

I’m thinking of breaking the health down as follows:

0 - 800/850
1- 900
2 - 950
3 - 1000
4 - 1050
5 - 1100


0 - 800
1 - 850
2 - 900
3 - 950
4 - 1000
5 - 1050/ 1100

If a character has a stun rating equal to their stamina they get the corresponding whole number, if it is lower or higher they get the .5 value above or below, whichever is appropriate.

… or I could stop being so anal retentive and make the rating go to 6.

Ok, been very busy the last week. Just now getting back to this.

New numbers and categories, let me know what you think:

Blanka Ultra 1:

[LEFT]Endurance - 2.5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Reversal ---- 2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]AA ------------ 4.5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Zoning ------- 3.5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rush --------- 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Mix up ------- 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Dmg pot ---- 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Viability ----- 1[/LEFT]

Blanka Ultra 2:

Endurance - 2.5
Reversal ---- 1.5
AA ------------ 4.5
Zoning ------- 3.5
Rush --------- 3
Mix up ------- 3
Dmg pot ---- 3
Viability ----- 1

Veserius, I changed how the health is tabulated and changed the header for it. I added a bit to the U1 from your rating of 1.5. Do you think it fine there?

The rest needs work, save for “viability”, which is derived from the Mago, Daigo, and Tokido ratings.


First 3 numbers are fine, other ones are ass.

Viability needs to be based on more than 7 month year old tier lists.

U2 AA is way off. U2 mix-up, ya have some secret tech eh? Hop-> Sneaky U2 is ass. U2 aa/ag is predictable as feck (see wikipedia ‘Feck’), It’s like a Slim-fast plan Guile U1.

I do think his AA is a 5 ves. I think one thing you didn’t mention is that he is one of the very very few characters who can AA people who jump out of range. c.HP is an incredible AA from long range jumpins and so is hop forward upball.

nj.HP is insane and against certain characters is the best AA in the game but requires strict spacing.

But yeah i think i agree with you but i do think it’s a 5 because he’s one of the few or maybe only that can stop jumpins that are almost a full screen away.

The only things I think making his AA not perfect is the damage his AA options deal, and how he has to expend meter to get invincibility. I think this hurts him when AAing Cammy/Rufus