Help a brotha out!

hey dudes,
i just got this game…
whats a good starting team/groove to learn the game on?


Ratio 4 Dan.

you’re shitting me right?

Thanks for the super good tip and gay answer to a straight question . :lame:

c-groove is the easier groove to learn imo (aka scrub friendly).
it’s got nothing that fancy, air block is a god send, and bar is not that hard to build.

team wise, just pick characters you like. Watch match vids, then you’ll know what’s good or not.

K-Groove is also scrub friendly. When you fill up your meter (it’s common when you are noob) just mash supers when it’s almost gone.
also, running is easier to handle than dashing. and you can get a lucky JD

this is a little late…but k vega blanka cammy is a pretty good starting team, youre in k groove so you get rage, also you wont learn to roll all the time, also those characters arent too hard to play execution wise.

i would say k sagat blanka cammy is a better choice. K-Vega is pretty hard to use. It’s pretty hard for vega to keep charge for supers if you’re rushing down in K. Though his poking game is very good.

But without a decent super that you can throw out, you can’t deal the big damage when your angry (from the beatings).

A-sakura A-bison A-blanka…learn it and love it, its all you need

C-Vega,Blanka,Sagat r2
C-Ryu,Blanka,Sagat r2

Both are very basic teams.

ill try em all… what have i got to loose