Help a Chun Li scrub

Please help me.

I am stuck on the 3rd stage of the 4th normal challenge.

I simply cannot cancel from kikouken into super.

I’ve been told to charge back, then forward into kikouken, then back then forward and kick. I cannot make this work. The kick always comes out as a normal kick.

What am I missing? Is this the correct input and my timing sucks or am I on the wrong track?

Any help very much appreciated.

I wish you would of posted at this thread instead of making a new one man. it’s for these kinda questions that thread even exists.

I honestly don’t know how you can’t figure out kikoken to super, there’s one guy that accidentally does that trying to do j. fp ultra lol. You charge, forward and punch, back, foward and kick. that’s it. lock the thread.

probably not doing it fast enough. the forward back forward needs to be executed just as you would for the super, but youre just sticking in a P right in the middle

Thread closed.