Help a fellow forum guy


Hey everyone I joined here a couple months ago and have been lurking in the shadows but I made the biggest mistake in my life and I need some advice. I downloaded StreetFighter Alpha3 max ( I don’t have a PSP) I thought it was for the PS3 like a remake like turbo remix… So is there a way to return it some how since it’s a download. :xeye:


not on the PSN… no that i know of anywho…


Shoot, I guess my best bet is to sell it to one of my freinds who has a PSP.


I don’t know much about psn but if there is a way to transfer it via computers or something hit me up ^-^ we can make a deal


I think the only way for me to send you the game is if you log on to psn on your ps3 with my account according to


Well that won’t work then :p, I have a PSN if that makes a difference but no ps3, thanks anyways


Is the dpwnload only for the new PSP(the sliding up and down one) or is it compatible with the big fat old PSP’s ?


there’s no reason it shouldn’t be compatible with the old one…


I have that game on UMD. Argh my thumbs hurt thinking of playing on that thing.