Help a fighting game be voted the GameFAQs best game of all time

Melee is currently going against Undertale. Undertale is good, but not that good. Vote for Melee at to help represent that unending enjoyment that you can only get from a fighting game.

Hrm…so your thread title says fighting game but neither of those two games seem to fit the bill broski.

Perhaps you should fuckoff?




lol i thought we were past that discussion…oh well i guess some people wanna hold on to some things

This is what you made an account for on shoryuken?

And FYI, I voted for undertale because that game is amazing.
How did smash even win against Chrono trigger lmfao

I still to this day fail to see why Smash is a fighting game or why it’s being played on Evo for that matter while actual (mostly anime) fighting games struggle to get any attention…

Nah I had to recreate an account here because…well i dont know what happened to the old one. It was a while ago but I had another account…it might have been deleted at some point or something.

On the discussion of what makes a fighting game though…i feel like a lot that might separate Smash from other fighting games is superficial to what defines the genre. The loss of something like a healthbar and the inclusion of platforms doesn’t really affect its status as a fighting game.

You sure you didn’t get banned?

lol at Gamefaqs. As if winning something there is supposed to matter.


Like smash players not being able to let go of melee? Go fuck yourself.

We havent even started talking and we’re already into the salty name-calling? One thing that the smash series does have different from many other fighters is that each game in the series is a lot more different. Other fighter have their differences in installments too…like Street Fighter…and each of those games has people who stick around with certain installments. Sticking to one game or dropping it for another has really nothing to do with Melee’s status as a fighting game.


If soap and shampoo had cartoon characters on it, then will your stinky, mom’s van dropped off, scabies, rabies, and babied ass dudes FINALLY take a shower?

Please explain why Smash is a Fighting Game to you?




Shower wins with that RTSD cleansing.

on the one hand you posted this in the wrong forum and only registered here to talk about a contest no one cares about

on the other hand we have people who don’t know how to communicate without vomiting on the keyboard

I don’t know who to root for!!

Yeah but bath has good turtling mechanics, all about who lands the first hit really.

If you really did have an account here before, you would know damn well that people around here hold Gamefaqs in lower regard than eventscrubs, and that’s saying some shit. In FGD we have an entire thread about making fun of scrubs saying stupid shit about fighting games, and roughly about 60% of the funniest material comes from gamefaqs.

Good job though. This thread will induce the response you didnt want, and I will go vote for Undertale right now. Specifically so that I can watch the tears from smash babies who absolutely refuse to acknowledge any game in the series after 2001 happened.

Where was there any name calling? All I did was tell you to fuck off. Just like I’m about to again.

[spoiler=] fuck off. [/spoiler]

And literally no one on srk (especially in GD) wants to debate for the thousandth time “is smash a fighting game or not” because no one fucking cares. It’s like beating a dead horse, burying it, missing said dead horse so you unbury it to beat it some more. All you’re accomplishing is making people to go to gamefaqs and NOT vote for Melee.

So again…it should go without saying but just incase

Fuck off.