Help a KOF XIII noob


I just purchased the KOF XIII steam edition … i am just geting familiar with the mechanics and style of the game , combos etc etc
would be great if some european players would play with me and help me a little out to understand the game better , thx


I apologize but I’m going to piggyback on this thread rather than create a new one. I’m in the same boat, just bought the steam version of the game. US player located in Chicago. Complete Noob who only played a bit of Garou: MOTW and some of the Samurai Shodown games before, and that is about my entire experience with SNK fighters. Send me a message if u want to train together, or would be willing to show me the ropes.


I have a ton of Street Fighter expiriece but that doesnt aply to KOF sadly…A completly difrent game ,diferent feel and not to mention morbidly tough execution is needed for this one…
If i may sugest to you ,there is a chanel on youtube “dontdropthatcombo” …that guy does combo turtorials for all chars with anotations, was a huge help for me to understand the combo system and the mechanics in general
but i still suck balls big time in this game and barely can do the easier combos


You are right in that street fighter experience doesn’t translate to much into KOF performance.

Forget combos, I can’t even move around comfortably. Usually any fighting game I can jump right in, using normals and specials, move around and feel comfortable. Only thinking, well I have to learn match ups and combos. With KOF XIII, hops, hyper hops, running influencing jump distance, in addition to knowing when to do a regular jump or super jump…this is the stuff that I have to get down first.

Thx for the link though, when I can move comfortably I’ll pay more attention to trying to learn combos.


Spacing always carries over, you just need to get used to short hops and the very quick tempo of KOF, then you can focus on drive cancels and HD combos.

Also, as you will practice SRKs and QCF moves, you must also grind out your dm and maxes. Like 50 times in a row both p1 and p2 sides.
That’s probably the most useful, like don’t try and learn full BNB staples right away, pick up a quick string that ends in a special and then figure out the best drive cancel from there and if that’s worth it, then try desperation cancelling that.

Once you’re comfortable with that you should be set to pickup any character’s bnb with a little work.


Another new KoFXIII Steam Edition player here. I don’t have much experience with SNK fighters (mostly Capcom VS experience really. and I put in some time into Street Fighter III on Mame for a while a few years ago). I decided to check out KoF because I like lesser known franchises with long histories (coincidentally I recently became a big fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series…). So yeah I’ve started sinking a few hours into learning the game’s systems. Off the bat I have to say its not THAT different from Street Fighter. All quarter-circles, charge moves, and what-have you. Honestly its jumping that trips me up the most. Not having a ‘down then up’ high jump kind of screws with my timing because holding up longer to control your height just doesn’t feel that natural. But I’m sure to get over it eventually. Overall I think the game has a lot of pottencial for me to get invested in it. Even if some of the combo strings seems stupidly long to input, and very precies with their timing.

Here’s a question. I’m actively thinking of picking up a proper Fight Stick for general (PC) fighting game use. And I’ve sort of come down to either a Mad Catz Soul Caliber V Stick (which seems to be Mad Catz’s latest and greatest general purpose fight stick) and the WWE All Stars PS3 stick, because its a lot more affordable. My worry about that stick though, its my understanding that PS3 sticks can often have compatibility problems with the PC. Does anyone know that one works? And is it of decent enough quality to learn on?


I’m using a PS3 Hori stick right now, it works perfectly.

To my knowledge KOFXIII works with any stick since they’ve patched it a couple times.

You can learn on the brawl stick but you’re contemplating buying a luxury gaming peripheral. You DEFINITELY want full sanwa.


Is the Steam KOF community allready dead???
cant find a single match in a sunday afternoon!!! btw i am from Europe


Europe in the afternoon is early morning in the US.


yeah but my target audience is from Europe… i can only play with europeans if i wannt playable non lagy matches

i need someone who is equaly bad as me for practice (and i am verry bad at this game)


Gimme your Steam name and I’ll play with you when I have some free time.


fantastic… its “LittleScumbag” … i use this gamertag for all services xbl,psn,gfwl,steam etc etc


Alright, I added you.


I saw this thread and thought that I fall under this category as well. I don’t know if this is too late of a comment, but I am also new here, bought KOFXIII on steam yesterday and really trying to get the basics down. I come from a SSBM/SSF4 AE background, and playing this is a lot harder than it looks. I am urgently willing to add anyone else who has it on steam and anyone who can help me practice. My steam ID is ccmc_soldier


Guys, its actually not THAT radical of a difference. The key to this game is still movement, positioning, and normals. All the other stuff is just flashy shit that’s tacked on. I’m pretty trash at this game too but just remember that normals are EVERYTHING. When I was first starting I watched some Juicebox tutorial on Terry Bogard. He says there is an optimal space for terry (just over 1/3rd of the screen’s distance about the length of his f.A), just playing with CD’s, Normals, and that spacing my performance practically quintupled.


Yeah besides movement and positioning/footsie game (which is the same in all fighting games) combo-wise i think is a bit harder to pull off than SSF4, although they look even more epic when executed correctly. Juicebox’s videos are extremely helpful, I just wish he did a basic character video on Robert or Joe who are on my team so far (still looking for a third).

Btw, do you play on steam? maybe we can practice together.


Im down to play people on steam


The savings are not worth it. The Brawl stick is tiny and has knockoff parts, the SC stick as Sanwa parts and is full size, much more comfortable.


Sorry for my late reply, i’m only passing here from times to times.

Just you know if you are from the western part of the europa you can join the group KOF13 France

There is roughly 400 people in there with an average of 50 or so really regular players.


As far as i know

Littleman - Clichy sous bois
tana - Lille
Narayan - Paris
ZKINE - Paris
V4lmy - Paris
Sonah - Paris
Pnume - Paris
Lerey74 - Annemasse
Ken CiyaN
jmy - Strasbourg
Davito - Strasbourg

Oki - Berlin
Meyphold - Dortmund
Backbone82 - Düsseldorf
suikakuyju - Hessen
Crisis - Hessen
FighterZealot - Kaiserslautern
marvster87 - Karlsruhe
Jormungand - Niedersachsen
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matrimelee - North Rhine
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