Help a n00b get familiar with the NoCal arcade scene

Hi, so I’ve been playing Marvel since July, and I ain’t THAT bad. I know my shit. But since I don’t have a lot of funds, I’ve never looked into tourneys or teh arcade scene except for where I live, which is in Los Angeles.

Recently I got accepted to UC Berk, so I’m gonna be moving up there. Can someone give me a quick rundown of the arcade scene up there? Is there a good arcade specifically at Cal? Are there ones nearby? How far away? What are the big arcades in the area, and how far away are they? Basically, where is my new arcade home going to be. Thanks a lot.

berkeley has the bearcade. check the bearcade thread.

too bad you’ll be missing 90% of regulars since they are all graduating in may.

have fun.

ah fuck are you serious? is there going to be any decent arcade scene at berkeley? please don’t tell me i’m gonna miss out that much…

I know some dudes will be left, but yeah, most of us are moving on. And besides, non-students in the area come by sometimes too, and they’re probably not going anywhere. It’ll still be decent, just probably not as good.

Where do you live in LA? Which arcade do you go to down there? I’m from the area too.

I’m in Beverly Hills. I go to the Westwood arcade. I should be going to UCLA, but it’s sort of far to walk, so me and my homies just hang out at the Westwood one.

At least there’ll be more comp up in Berkeley than I have right now at Westwood.

I think the two best Marvel players in Berkeley will still be around. They suck in the grand scheme of things, but you’ll get to see how you stack up.

What are you talking about? I graduated already. Haha. J/K.

Make friends with the regulars, sometimes they will hook you up with rides to SVGL or other places.


Awesome. I plan on doing that. I guess I will soon be joining the ranks.

Btw, sorry to be n00bish, but what’s SVGL? I’ve seen the acronym before, but I forgot.

SVGL = Sunnyvale Golfland = good place to get your ass handed to you on a shiny silver platter by some of the best in NorCal. The comp is pretty good on Tue/Fri, sometimes Sat.

San Jose State University is relatively easy to get to. Comp is good during the day, kinda shitty at night (most people go to SVGL, San Jose Golfland, or Milpitas Golfland during the night time).

There’s hella other places to play, just not worth the drive unless there’s a tournament or someone pro is gonna show up.

Pick up CVS2 and 3rd Strike, it’ll give you something to do while you wait your turn, if you go to SVGL.

Stay away from Chunk…he’s scary…like the boogeyman. Korngo will hype you up with his M.C. skills, and Crizzle will perfect your ass home. Stay away from Albert too, he’s good, but you just won’t want to be near him. :badboy:

what’s really good?

Woo go home

Stay away from Chunk…he’s scary…like the boogeyman.

:shake: lol, im not scary :rolleyes:


Chunk = scarier than me
Play more 3s?

Chunk = BEAST of Norcal

Stay away from the Whales at SVGL. Your head will explode when they begin to speak Whaleglish (sp?). >_>

Mr. Perfect himdamnself

haha, you’re sick too Emphy. <3 =D

Magnus02: When do you want your DVD and CD back? Let me know! =D

Edit: Thanks for the props guys. :encore: :clap:
And Korngo is RIIILLL!!! <KKK3


CRIZZLe!! aka Mr. Perfect!!! Go to svgl thursday, thats my day off. I’ll give you or imree a call.

haahh “Albert go home”

Also, watch out for the cableguy and the $EE JAY. Guys are on another level.

Umm… hmm… I don’t have a car for now man, my tire blew out the day I went home and shit. =(

I’ll try to get it this friday or saturday, we’ll see wussup, cuz i’m hella busy cuz of work and shit -__-’

I’m going up there this weekend for Cal Day. Who’s gonna be there Saturday night? And at around what time? Like, 8 or 11?