Help a negro get better: The Deezo foundation

Alright check this out. With the economy the way it is, it’s hard for anyone to find a job right now. And Mandel has been out there on his grind to get a job, but nothings biting at the moment. And he is concerned that he might not be able to have a job by the time Evo comes around to pay for plane ticket, registration, hotel all that stuff.

This is where ya’ll come in.

Is there anyone out there that is willing to throw in to get this man to rep Seattle down in Vegas this year? Since he is staying with me, if he don’t have th fundage to pull together for the hotel room, I got his ass. But the plane tickets and such are a different story. So are you down to help a negro get better?

i got up on it

I would help but if I can’t save up gwop to move out at the end of may (keep in mind I am BROKE right this very moment) I will be on the streets, so yeah, Homeless>evo, but who knows I might inherit some money or something…

Are you taking Paypal donations? I’m willing to throw a couple of buckaroos Mandel’s way.

is anybody driving to evo that he could ride with?

also as desperate as it sounds, has deezo considered selling plasma?

in oregon it’s $50 a pop and you can “donate” twice a week.

Next paycheck, I got you, Deezy F. Baby. I got mad bills to take care of, but I’m sure I got something to spare. Can’t guarantee much, but every little bit helps, right?

i hear you man, ive applied to any entry level job that has openings(at least 15 so far) and no word as to an interview… still lookin though.

Not to sound too negative, but isn’t evo quite a ways away? I’d imagine you can save enough money in that amount of time if you really were set on it…

…that said, when the time comes, I may throw some bones out. West coast, ya kno.

Well, safeway is still hiring…

the key here is the plane tickets, the sooner you buy them the cheaper they are (looked on orbitz and roundtrip was 226 bucks). But as you wait longer and longer they go up, I am trying to purchase my plane tickets in 2 weeks, and of course I would want as many ppl from the NW going to evo to be on the same flight, or at least the ppl that I’m bunking with to be on the same flight. Thank you to those that have said they’d put up. Anything helps.

i got ups! and if mandel wants to hit up buffets down there, i can spot him too =)

That slipped my mind, good thinking.

I can’t win tournaments but I want people to give me money to go to Evo. Help a wegro get better?

Keep in mind that even though people are trying to help, earliest is not the best when it comes to plane tickets. The sweet spot is usually 2-4 weeks prior for the best prices.


Yea, it’s pretty common and I’ve seen that fluctuation personally a few times. The fare history charts at are useful for tracking this stuff too. That being said, I don’t wanna be responsible for you guys getting shitty prices either so buy them when you feel comfortable instead of some hard date.

How about we set up a general fund for NW players?

that’s a good idea, but i fear that there would be an overwhelming sense of entitlement that consumes people.


I’m trying to throw down as well

Can I start a help a cracka foundation?