Help a newbie mod his HRAP EX for SFIV!

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the boards here…awesome community you guys have here! I’m really excited for SFIV but I was pretty dissapointed when I got my backorder email from Capcom regarding my TE preorder. As a result I’ve decided to order a HRAP EX from Amazon as a replacement until my TE arrives. I would like to mod it with Sanwa buttons and an 8-way octagonal restrictor plate if possible. I was hoping you guys could help me out.

In regards to ordering the parts, I was going to get them from Is this a good site to order from?

I was going to order eight Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons to replace the Hori ones and the Sanwa GT-Y restrictor plate. Any other suggestions for parts? Does the process just involve snapping in the new buttons and unscrewing and screwing on the new restrictor plate? I’m not particularily good with electronics or really difficult mods.

Thanks for the advice!

Lizard Lick is a very good site to buy all your arcade stick parts, everything comes very well packaged and is delivered quickly!

The process of modding your HRAP EX is pretty simple, get the OBSF-30 pushbuttons however many you want. Some people, like myself, just get 6 buttons and plug the two remaining holes, but whatever you prefer. The buttons are connected with quick disconnects, so you just pop the old Hori buttons out and replace them with the Sanwa buttons, pretty easy.

As for the restrictor plate, the JLF stick, in the HRAP EX, will have 4 black tabs holding the square gate in place you just have to move the tabs to pop the old gate out and the GT-Y should pop in the same place. All in all it shouldn’t be too difficult, good luck.

Thanks for you advice! I just placed an order for eight OBSF-30’s and a GT-Y from lizard lick. Is there anything else I would need to get this stick as close to arcade perfection? Would the joystick need any other modifications?

It’s kind of funny, seems like everyone who isn’t getting their stick on time is canceling and going this route myself included. Now does the stick, which I can’t find the exact model of anymore, support the LB-30-N Bat top and does it need the adapter? What’s the difference between the GT-O round and GT-Y octagonal, will both of them fit?

Now I just have to figure out what color buttons.

You should be well on your way to having a great stick, ready for SF4, the only other things would be personal prefrerences, do you prefer a bat top style stick? If so there is a bat top that will work for the JLF.
But other than that I can’t really think of anything else, maybe change the art on the stick…but that’s not really necessary…

@ ShineyBlueShoes Yes, you will need the adapter for the bat top to work on the JLF. And as far as the difference between the GT-O and GT-Y, I believe that the GT-O is only for the JLW style stick, and the GT-Y is for the JLF.

Not using an octagonal gate for one… LOL :rofl:

GT-Y is the only way to replicate a true Virtua Striker cabinet!

Ok just so I’m clear and looking at this right, does the GT-Y sit so that the points are in the corners (like in the Lizardlick photo) or is it like a stop sign? So if it’s the former like in the photo are the points more defined then in the square gate or how does it feel comparatively?

Edit- Are the Sanwa buttons as neon in color as they appear to be on the site?