Help a newbie?

I just would like some general direction since I never touched the series. Not sure who to try maining. I like Chun Li in HDR, Shiek in Melee and Mitsurugi in SC. I don’t need clones but anyone who is sort of like one of them but for this game, quick and can play offense/defense, meta game, footsies, ect.


Sorry for the late reply.

It sounds like you might enjoy Jin, he is the most well-rounded character.

I came to that conclusion as well, thanks to this game’s surprisingly deep tutorial system. I never have played a fighting game that helped explain everything so well, right down to character playstyles and strategies.

But thank you anyway, your input has strengthened my resolve to main Jin.

Using this thread to ask a question b/c I don’t want to make a new thread.
Anyone know any other sites with good Blazblue Extend info? is basically the place to go for BlazBlue discussion. They also have a wiki.