Help a newbie



So I’m pretty much new to the game and I want to learn how to use Yang. If you have any tips or combos to help a fellow newbie out I’d be thankful.


yang’s jabs are really good so use those alot, you can follow them up with a low forward to rekkas. dont be afraid to waste meter on fadc to keep the pressure on your opponent. alot of newbie yangs love doing random dp’s never do that because its like -25 on block. learn the distances of the dive kick to make it useful dont hit people in the head with it because you will get punished. low short x3 is a great hit confirm. another good tip is to not do the 3rd rekka on block and make the 2nd a light so that way you cannot get punished but the part i like about this is when they get used to blocking only 2 rekkas i like to delay the 3rd and normally i get a counter hit


My #1 tip is: read the forum.