Help a newcomer?


So I’m relatively new to the 2D fighting scene, but am greatly interested. But there’s a problem! I don’t own a third gen console, so I can’t play online. I’m from San Jose (Blossom Hill area) and need to find somewhere I can play and learn, but I just don’t know where to start. I’ve tried the Golfland, but whenever I get there it is pretty dead. So somebody, ANYBODY. Tell me, where can I get my Street Fighter fix!?!


try golfland again


Are there any specific times / days I should go?


Freeplay day. I believe the Keystone II crew goes there on freeplays.


Thanks for the advice so far. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated


Could go to SJSU on Weekdays. Usually the SU has people playing though not as much as when I use to go.


SU. tues/thurs from 10-12pm i will be dere O_O


Okay, I’m going to golfland now. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to SJSU on thursday. Hope to see some of you there