Help A NOOB Out Plz with Semitsu Buttons

Noob seeking help with Semitsu Buttons. I have the One with the clear plugger so i could add art work but every time i look at the joystick the button rotated so that the whole art work is out of place. Ive tighten it to the max and it still does it. Is there anything i can get for it? Some onee help me PLzzz

(double-sided)Tape ftw



Tape. (This thread is now about everyone saying the word tape. But I honestly use Adhesive spray, but most people don’t have this laying around).

I’ve also seen sticks with hot-glued buttons though I haven’t done it personally.

From reading, I’m getting that he saying his Buttons spin even when attempt to tighten.
But everyone else is saying use tape to keep the art in place.
If Buttons spin, then tape would not do anything.

Kyle is saying glue to keep the Buttons still.

I don’t really know what is going on.
I don’t like ambiguity.

Maybe PsYcHo-CI2usHeI2 should stop looking at his Joystick.
He says every time he looks at Joystick, the Button rotate.

I laughed hard. I say tap into your VCC line to get an electric motor going to counteract every time you look at it to screw it back into place. XD

seriously i think its cursed. Is any one a pro at modding

I think that title belongs to Gummowned. Lol. In seriousness, what exactly is the problem? Are the buttons sliding after they have been screwed in, or is the artwork sliding out of place? What kind of stick are you using? Is it a custom, or a modded stick?

Lol, I hadn’t thought of the art spinning independent of the button. Is that even possible?

Yes, I’ve read Posts of that happening.

Personally, I use a special paper “washer” (basically a cut out piece from an old art template) that I place between the metal panel and the nuts.