Help a noob out?

So basically im pretty new to this game, i started playing as balrog for a bit and only got to about 400pp :c ive decided i want to try and finally get good at this game (or atleast good enough so i can win online xD) and i also decided i want to play el fuerte. I was wondering if any fuerte players could share tips or if anyone could do some games with me and help me learn, thanks :smiley:
p.s i play on pc

I play on PC (EU). But I wouldent recomend you starting of with Elf.
As a New player I would recomend you pick up guile for starters to learn the basics first.

Best tip I can give is to not try and get good at this game with Fuerte. Before picking Fuerte up and getting good you should already have a pretty deep understanding of the game.