Help a noob!


Hey guys ive been playing mortal kombat games for bloody years since about 1997 i guess, I’ve always loved it and been decent at it but now ive decided I want to be a better player so i’m here researching stuff from the competitive players, firstly i would like to ask if you could clarify the local jargon here for me, Like i see alot of words here like “Cyrax has an awesome reset” ect ect so can you name a word that gets used a lot here and tell me what it means so i can understand in future! thx gaz


Lol its like a ghost town over here in MK LAND. But check this glossary out. It will help u not only in your mk travels but also fighting games in general. Good luck!



While learning jargon/terminology is very important in terms of getting better at this game (and fighting games in general), it’s only second to the most important thing: and that’s actually playing the game. Spend a lot of time on it, don’t switch between mains all the time. Find one character you’re comfortable with or enjoy, and learn their ins and outs until you get sick and tired of playing. Then go back and play some more.

One thing that helped me get a lot better at Marvel 3 was that I had someone who was much better than me at the time and willing to play with me for hours until I got a firm understanding of the basic concepts. From that point on, I spent hours in the training room perfecting combos, getting used to buffers, ect. I don’t know what system you play on, but I play on PS3 so if you ever want to throw down a few practice matches my tag is “iHeritik”.

Ah yes, and please do heavily refer to that link Kamikaze provided you with. Lots of helpful shit in there.

Keep it classy.~