Help a Romie out

Uhhh… can someone hook me up with an avatar? I don’t have PS on my comp anymore, so I can’t make one myself.

Preferably Arthur or Buster from “Arthur.” They have some pics at, click on listings, and click on Arthur.

ill do it 4 ya buddy;)

Go go Harry go.

:smiley: woo nice av u have there. btw who is that ?

I tossed it together in like 5 minutes so it’s mad grainy and the animation sucks, but thanks.

And it’s Selma Blair.


hey hey hey what is going on here u stole my client:mad:


Good shit, but not quite what I was loking for. I wanted something with more colour. I shoulda said that before. Thanks anyway.

that looks like a resized picture with font =P

What, I was supposed to hand-draw it? :lol:

::votes for the “sup bitches” av::