Help! about the lags when playing ps2 BC games on ps3

my ps2 has been sold couple of days ago so all i can to do is to play my ps2 BC games on my ps3, but after playing a few seconds of sf33, i found there r lags when playing ps2 BC games on ps3, the stick i use is VSHG, but when i use the ps3 sixaxis to play, i found that the lags r much more less, then i guess the lags might come from the input device, but appears differently when using the differnt controller. but wot i want to know is that did u guys find that lags when playing ps2 BC games on ur ps3 (especially for FG)? how do u guys solve this problem? thanks in advance

PS2 BC on the PS3 lags by 3 frames no matter what controller you use. It has to do with the way the PS3 processes the video signal in BC mode. The way you solve the problem is by buying another PS2.

Funny because PS2 games don’t lag for me at all…

i dont think that all the lags r always the same when using different controllers, i feel the VSHG has much heavier lags than the ps3 sixaxis, so the problem might come from the controllers u use, not the way the ps3 processes the video signal in BC mode, maybe im wrong, but thats what i thought so far, correct me if im wrong

are you sure?
if so, how are you sure?

if that so, wot kind of controller do u use? im curious

I guarantee it’s lagging at least 2 or 3 frames. Consider yourself fortunate if it’s not bothering you.

Reverse compatibility my ass the 2-3 frames of lag is fine for most games like RPGs and the like, but trying to play fighters ohh god, don’t even try unless your trying to get used to netplay.

Bob Poundmax:

Yea consider yourself fortunate that you’re not attune to the 3 frame lag difference…

The main fighting game I’ve played on my PS3 is CvS2, and I’m a K-groove player. For the longest time, I didn’t really notice the lag either, but then I went to Final Round and played CvS2 on a PS2 on standard TV, and yes, there’s a difference. I guess I’m not pro enough to care though, I still enjoy fighting games on my PS3.

I’ve only every played Arcana Heart on a PS3 and when I played at Impact Clash on a ps2… holy shit was it easier to do combos for some reason. They came out like butter… it was amazing. Felt easier for sure.

:tup: Thx, for the info, my friend is looking on bc too and is unsure to sell his ps2.

from what i know all ps3 have a delay lag playing ps2 games not sure about ps1 games

they do lag. if your not hardcore you won’t feel it really. i’m not hardcore, but i notice the lag. can’t pull off certain combos unless i’m on the ps2.