[Help] Adapting Madcatz TE Stick Xbox360->PS3

Hi i have a Madcatz TE Stick for the Xbox360 and i would like to use it on my PS3.
Ideally i know i should dual Mod it but dont live in America and im not confortable with soldering so i guess my best option is to find an adapter, I found the Mayflash adapter PS3/Xbox360/PC/PS2 however i heard it may be laggy and that it can do random inputs.
I´m not thinking of playing competitively (only with friends) and i was wondering if the what is my best course of action? are the random inputs enough to offset casual play? should i dual mod? (i know i should in theory)

Link to the Mayflash Adapter:



I think the best solution would be to get a ps360+. It’s more expensive than an adapter but I think its a more convenient fix. I’ve not used a Mayflash adapter personally but the opinion on them doesn’t seem to be too great. With the ps360 you wont have to solder anything unless you want your Xbox ring lights to work. You can find some good installation videos on Youtube that can help you along.

Thats just what I would do so I wouldn’t have to carry an adapter all over the place. If money is a problem then I would say get one and if it becomes an issue in the future then you can always dual mod later.

Look up dual-modding, everything you need would be covered in that topic (PS360+ included)

here is the thread to the topic Dual-modding 101.

There are solderless dual mod options available to you with clear instructions.

Look into the TE Kitty from godlikecontrols.com or the Cerberus from FocusAttack.

Just make sure you identify what motherboard is inside your TE stick first.

Skip the PS360+. TE Kitty is the best! I never even so much as stripped a wire before and I was able to it correctly. Plus you get turbos, button remapping, and oh-so-neat turbo button LED effects.

I even bought a second Mad Catz SF4 SE stick just so I can get a second Kitty later. Surprised more people aren’t hoarding these Kitty-compatible sticks, honestly…

That what you think.

<- Still got my TE Kitty in a TE-S (its a mix of Soul Calibur and Chun Li TE S case parts)