Help: Adapting to TE sticks close Stick and buttons

I’ve been playing in the arcades since SF2 and am no stranger to sticks.
I have a dreamcast agetec stick I modded for 360.
Now I don’t really use it that often out of being lazy, but I did get a TE stick off a friend and tried using it and just always feels weird.
Have other TE users had issues with the stick and buttons being so close?
I dont recall them being that close in the arcades. Is it the agetec design that spoiled me?
Additionally having the 8 buttons throws me off as well as I place my hand outwards a bit more since the spacing on the agetec and end up missing the left most buttons, etc.
I normally adapt quickly to odd controls but the TE just eludes me.

I had the same problem (stick-buttons being too close), got used to it. When I’ll build my custom I’ll fix it though.
8 Buttons suck. Set them to <No Bind> in the Options and try not to stray with your hand.

You can also use the outmost 6 instead of the inner, this way your hands are further apart, but the button layout will feel iffy.

The TE is made for japanese kids’ hands, not for manly western fists. Same reason they threw Sanwas in it.
Will either have to adjust (yes, this takes quite a while) or “fix” it, or do both (like I did/will do).

American arcades have controls that are quite different from the japanese-standard set of TE sticks. So that’s most likely a cause for your problems.

Unless you want to purchase a custom stick, your only other option is to simply attack to the new style. It helps to use the outer-most buttons for your inputs, since they’re spaced slightly farther apart, and have that straight and level “box” design that you’re probably familiar with using in arcades in America. Make sure to disable the buttons that you don’t use, by unbinding them at the button layout section of whatever game you’re playing. If the extra buttons really bother you that much, you can simply remove them and replace it with button plugs.

Ive tried the unbind and ignoring them, but my hand wont rest in any one place.
It’s very odd. And about the plugs, then they release a game that needs one of those damn buttons.
Like my old custom was fine until MvC3 quick team select… I had to add 2 ethernet wires hanging out to tap together for LB I believe it was.
I guess Ill just keep practicing.
I prefer the angled button layout and not the straight box style. I always end up as a hybrid crackhead.

I guess your only option is to just grind it out with your TE until you become accustomed to it. Sorry :frowning:

The angled button layout is superior, just because of the fact that your hand doesn’t have to move around as much, and every button is equal distance to each other from your 3 main fingers. What helps me out is that, whenever I play, I try to consciously keep my thumb on or near the short button (lk). That way, your hand is always in the correct position without you having to constantly find the buttons while playing.

Just a suggestion.

I sincerely doubt that.