Help/Advice for my new Madcatz TTT2 Wii U stick - we got issues

Bear with me… So I recently splurged on the Madcatz Wii U stick as it looked really solid and was just discounted to $50. My TvC stick was getting kinda janky so I figured this would be a good upgrade. I usually use a Mayflash Classic Controller-to-USB adapter so I can use my TvC stick on PS3 as a back up/secondary (I also own a PS3 FSPro). My main reason for wanting it was for the Wii, though. I still enjoy playing TvC and VC games on the Wii and I assume my Wii U will one day give me a reason to use for that as well. I digress…

I plug the new TTT2 stick into the Wii remote and everything works like a dream as tested with VC super mario world. Then I switch to Wii mode and load up TvC and perform a button check. ABXY all working - what’s this!? R and L don’t register at all! Not on TvC [edited out false assumption]! Useless! I load up some homebrew and all the buttons work… hmm. Again, all the buttons worked in Wii U mode.

So the final test. I plug it into the Mayflash USB adapter and into the ps3. Nothing. Plug the TvC stick into the same adapter. Works perfect! Back to the TTT2 stick… the ps3 notices a controller is plugged in but not a single button on the box registers. WTF? Is this not a glorified classic controller? Shouldn’t both sticks work functionally the same?

As it is, I have a big plastic paper weight. I don’t know what to do. I’m not buying any of the 2 Wii U fighting games I could get on PS3. How can I make this work? Is there another adapter I could use? I was considering swapping PCBs between the TTT2 stick and the TvC one as the former is a far better stick. Not sure If that would work or not and I’ve nevwr done any modding. I assume the issue is analog vs digital button detection. I tried toggling those modes with the adapter as I would with the TvC stick. Nada. Zero inputs detected.

Any help/advice would be appreciated! I’d hate to return it via mail. It’s a really nice stick with super solid construction. Just not much I can do with it atm.

Quick addition: I just plugged my CC Pro into the adapter into the PS3 and everything but the analog sticks register. Plugging back in the TTT2 stick I notice it automatically scrolls to the top of the XMB but I can’t actually perform any inputs still. Very odd. Outside my depth.

UPDATE: I realized the only original Wii game I had tried was Tatsunoko vs Capcom. So I tried Mario Kart Wii using the stick as a classic controller with the stick set to Left Analog. It works. All the buttons work. Tried Muramasa. Buttons that did not work in TvC work in that game too. What the fug? So it turns out that only TvC (so far) isn’t recognizing inputs from L and R. And controller config doesn’t even offer zL and zR as an option. This doesn’t make sense. Why would that one game not recognize those buttons on the TTT2 stick but will on the TvC stick?

And again, TvC stick works with Mayflash adapter, TTT2 stick does not but all the buttons DO work on Wii and Wii U.

Not sure what you mean by analog vs digital button detection. You are correct that it detects as a classic controller, just like the tvc one.

Sounds like a cable problem to me. Contact mad catz customer support about getting a replacement. I’d imagine they’ll eat the shipping cost since it was defective from day one. Don’t open the case unless you decide to fix/mod it, as this will void your warranty.

If you want to try to fix it, I’d check all the harness connectors on both the terminal strip and the main pcb first, then move onto the cable. Replacing the cable would require another Wii device that connects the same way to be sacrificed, or maybe an extension cord (not sure if they make those for the Wii cc). Absolute worst case, you’d need a new pcb - someone in the trading outlet here probably has one. The mc cthulhu has gc support, that’s a nice option that would also cover your ps3. I’ve seen a board called the “pii-wii” mentioned, I’m assuming is a Wii pcb - never looked into it.

Also worth mentioning that your tvc stick would be better than new by installing some new Sanwa or seimitsu parts, which is very easy to do.

Edit again: using my phone’s Swype feature to type adds much hilarity to my posts.

Added substantially to the last post.

As I mentioned before, there shouldn’t be a wiring issue as all buttons do work in Wii U mode.

EDIT: I’ve discovered that the stick does seem to work fine on original Wii - Just not with Tatsunoko vs Capcom! See addendum to OP.

I have TvC, they worked for me. That said, the only time I recall using them was to navigate the weird ass command list.

This is all on an original Wii also, I don’t own a Wii u.

You have a TTT2 stick and L and R work in TvC?

Ok, so I just popped the game in to test it. Neither L nor R work, everything else does. Guess I didn’t notice before because I had no reason to use them in that game.

As for your converter, some converters don’t play nice with some pcb’s, unfortunately. You could always dual mod or install a cthulhu and bypass the Wii board altogether.

First off, thanks so much for taking the time to check that. I am relieved to hear it isn’t my particular stick. Pretty weird that it doesn’t work in just that game, though. I’m really scratching my head on that one. Obviously this is not the same PCB that’s in the Madcatz TvC stick.

Now, as far as the dual mod goes, could you point me towards a guide on installing the cthulhu in a stick like this? I would like to keep the Wii functionality and add ps3/pc if possible, although they use different cords. if I could add 360 support that would be great but I’m wary of soldering, having never done it, and it seems the MC Cthulhu is sold out on Focus Attack and GodlikeControls. Be a shame not to buy the MC either way since it’s only $5 more and I might go back and try the soldering some other time.

My other thought, which I know is out of my depth, was to gut the PCB from an actual Classic Controller and put it in the stick since I know all those buttons will work on TvC and that the PCB does work with the Mayflash adapter.

Thanks again for your time!

Dual modding this very stick was what got me to sign up here. This thread lays out a method that will only require one wire to be soldered (the VCC line) with a Cthulhu or PS360 (which would add 360 support). Read the whole thing for updates and further details. Questions about dual modding a TTT2 WiiU TE stick

You will need the following tools/parts for this method:

•Wire (I used stranded 22 AWG)
•Wire crimper
•.110" quick disconnects- technically you will only need 11, but you can pretty much guarantee you’ll have to re-do more than a few. I bought 50, they’re cheap.
•Soldering iron (a cheapo will do)
•Solder (I used this, made soldering much easier than the crap I had always messed with before )
•Small wire nuts (if you take the route I did for splicing into the JLF harness), an RJ45 or USB pass through jack (USB is fine if you don’t intend on using older console support, but the RJ45 will give you more flexibility)
•Short USB or RJ45 cable
•Either an RJ45 crimper tool orRJ45 cables for whatever consoles you want to use it with (if you want legacy console support)
•Long USB cable (if you go USB only)
•Drill with a 24mm (or 15/16") bit and a bit to drill holes to mount the pass through jack (can’t remember the size)
•Dremel or something else you can cut the case with.
•Zip ties to prevent your mod fro looking like the Flying Spaghetti Monster
•A multimeter (not an absolute must, but very much a good idea)

I should add that to get the most out of the Cthulhu (as in older console support), soldering will be necessary to set up a RJ45 jack. The biggest downsides to the the PS360+ are the price and the fact that several people seem to have problems with it (which may seem to be a bigger issue vs the Cthulhu because so many more people have the PS360 now.

If you practice soldering first, you can solder directly to the terminal strip rather than messing with cutting, stripping, and splicing like I did- just beware that you can mess things up pretty bad if you make mistakes.

If all of that sounds intimidating, you could always pay a modder to do it for you- might actually be cheaper if you don’t already have any of the needed tools.

Is it possible to just keep it a Wii/PS3/PC stick and just forgo all that messy business by dropping 360 support? I was under the impression that for PS3 support alone you just need to attach the wires to the screw-in connections and that it was a solder-less mod. Thanks!

EDIT just watched a video on installing a PS360+ PCB in a 360 TE. Seems like maybe I should just go with that PCB instead. I’m still not sure how I would retain Wii functionality and apparently I would need to drill a rather large hole in the side of the case for the USB cord since the Wii stick obviously has none to begin with. The whole thing is very intimidating, I do lack the tools and I don’t know about paying a modder + the cost of parts… seems like I might as well buy yet another stick at that point.

I can live with just ABXY for TvC, it’s easy enough to adapt to. But I’m pretty gutted that the Mayflash adapter doesn’t work. It sure would’ve eased my pain to have a plug n play solution for PS3, especially since I think I prefer the heft, build and Noir layout over my PS3 Fightstick Pro. Suddenly feeling like it wasn’t worth the $50 clearance price after all.

Either board is only solderless if you aren’t dual modding (exception being if you’re connecting two screw terminal equipped pcb’s), which you aren’t going to be able to avoid if you want to keep Wii functionality.

The easiest way to connect your Wii and ps3 would be to bypass the existing pcb altogether and connect an rj45 equipped cthulhu, which you could connect to the Wii via game cube controller port- although you would not get 360 support this way, you would still have to solder a Cat-5 cable to the cthulhu, and you would still need to drill a 24mm hole for a pass through port.

You could also use a ps2/ps3 zd encoder to add ps3 at a lower cost (20) using the same splicing method, but it would be slightly more difficult.

The stick and buttons alone are worth $50, much less when you consider that you got a really good TE case and a Wii pcb also. Dig around here and slagcoin, you’ll start to see the possibilities. The method I used is actually really easy and beginner friendly, you can do it. Plenty of help here if you need it.

Regrettably, the Wii U has no Gamecube ports. I really want to make this stick work on both Wii, Wii U and at least PS3PC. I bought it because it had Wii functionality but it’s wasted as a Wii/U-only stick. If I had just wanted another PS3 stick I would have bought one. I would have loved to just use the darn adapter as planned.

How viable would it be to just swap the TTT2 pcb with an original classic controller PCB? I know the CC PCB is compatible 100% with the adapter.

Well that kind of sucks. @Markman, can you shed some light on this issue? It seems the TTT2 may have some compatibility issue with TvC. I’ll try to test mine on a Wii asap.

Dual modding with the cthulhu or PS360 would be much easier, you’d have to pad hack the cc to use its pcb (meaning lots of soldering).

Adapters usually suck for one reason or another, particularly for fighters. If you learn how to build/mod now, you’ll be able to use the skills in the future for repairs and new systems (using the same case, if you so choose).

It’s a real disappointment. My new TTT2 stick is much better than my old TvC stick but I’m forced to use a button layout I’m not as fond of. TvC is certainly my most-played Wii fighter and I prefer an arc layout using what would be BYXR on the TTT2 stick. Because R isn’t recognized by TvC I have to shift Partner to A. Not the worst thing ever but I expected full compatiability and had no reason to believe otherwise based on my research online before buying. And I don’t even know if other games won’t detect R and L either, although the others I have tested do. Eventually planning to test KOF Collection.

As far as compatibility with the Mayflash adapter, I understand Madcatz has no responsibility there. That’s honestly my biggest disappointment, though, since now my stick is turning into a big project that will cost more money.

I just assumed a classic controller was a classic controller, especially considering the Madcatz TvC stick works fine.

Dude. Just rewire the buttons that you want to where you need them. That should solve your problem.

This. Or if you really can’t stand the thought of changing any wiring (which is as easy swapping a couple of quick disconnects), put the stick and buttons in your TvC stick (real Sanwa parts are way better than mad catz knockoffs), then sell the shell in the trading outlet here- I’d pretty much guarantee you can find a buyer.

I’m always in the market for a cheap TE shell. I would scoop it if the price was right. I think the OP really likes the TE case though.

These were two of the 1st things I considered. I’d like to keep the TvC stick though, I wanted 2 sticks for the Wii. Switching button wires won’t work for TvC because TvC doesn’t even have zL and zR as options in the controller configuration. I don’t think it detects them by default. Also, switching button wires doesn’t change the fact that the stick doesn’t work with the USB adapter at all. Thanks though!

EDIT and yes, I love the TE case haha