HELP/ADVICE: I need to make a large parts order, what is the best way to do this?

Hello all.

I need to make a large order for some arcade stick parts. Joystick/buttons.

Either Sanwa, Seimitsu or Happ. I’m looking mainly for pricing quotes.

I would need them in large volume (in quantities of 1K, 5K, 10K, 50K, 100K; with a price point/quote for each denomination listed)…

Does anyone have any experience in ordering/purchasing in bulk like this? I need to find out soon on cost/discounted pricing.

I’m trying to contact Sanwa/Happ/Seimitsu directly but have not received a reply.

Thank you in advance.

Also thank you to the people who have already helped me/contacted me.

Any and all suggestions/feedback would be helpful.

Ask Chad with LizardLick, he can probably help you in some way.

^ The above stated. LizardLick.

Per from AkihabaraShop can help with you getting in touch with Sanwa or Seimitsu directly. Are you starting a business? With those quantities I am sure you could order directly from the manufacturer and bypass distributers.

^ Agreed. But when I said ask LizardLick I meant Chad could also try to hook him up with some distributors, not buy them directly from Chad.

Happ has area sales reps on their website, i went through one for a small order and got a decent price.

Thanks everyone for info/help/advice. If anyone else has anything to add in, I’ll keep checking this thread! :slight_smile: